Thursday, 15 March 2012

7thingsmedia shortlisted for nine awards in a week!

The magnificent seven, the seven wonders of the world, the seven nation army … for a company called 7thingsmedia it’s no surprise we’re quite taken with the number seven.

So it was with six parts delight and one part unease when I received last week’s news that we’ve been nominated for eight Performance Marketing Awards and one Drum award.

Although it’s outside our lucky number 7 comfort-zone, being shortlisted for nine awards in a week is a fantastic achievement for the team, the agency and our clients.

At last year’s Performance Marketing Awards we were awarded a single shortlist spot for Best Agency (that we went onto claim); which itself marked a real breakthrough for us. But this year’s nominations symbolises our progress, growth, and success in 2011. We are naturally delighted once again to be rubbing shoulders with traditional media agencies in the Best Agency category this year.

Seeing our name alongside leading consumer brands is kudos in itself, but being listed near the word ‘Best‘ and the words ‘Consumer Targeting Campaign‘, ‘Lead Generation‘, ‘Use of Data‘, ‘International Excellence‘, ‘Managed Affiliate Programme‘, and ‘New Entrant‘ is phenomenal.

I’ve even sneaked an entry shortlist for the Hotshot Rising Star category and on the separate awards I’ve also been shortlisted to win Marketer of the Year.

Performance Marketing Awards shortlists:
- Best consumer targeting campaign: 7thingsmedia for Agent Provocateur
- Best use of data: 7thingsmedia for Affiliate Manager Plus
- Best new entrant: 7thingsmedia for Ideal World (PPC and affiliates)
- Best lead generation campaign: 7thingsmedia for Secret Sales
- Best managed affiliate programme: 7thingsmedia for Ted Baker
- International excellence award: 7thingsmedia (UK, Europe, US & APAC)
- Best agency: 7thingsmedia
- Hot shot award: Chris Bishop

The Drum Awards shortlist:
- Marketer of the Year: Chris Bishop

We naturally couldn’t have done this without your support and that of all our other clients. I’d also like to thank all the team - both in London and New York - for their sterling efforts.

...and here’s to May – we’ll be on table number seven (true story) with smiles on faces and drinks in hand – a maximum of seven each, we’re staying true to our lucky number!

Thanks, Chris

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

7thingsmedia launch Affiliate Manager Plus

At 7thingsmedia we've spent much time - and some late nights - working on a new project that, I'm delighted to say, will be announced at the affiliate a4uexpo conference - in front of the whole affiliate industry - in London today.

That project is our own custom-built software: Affiliate Manager Plus.

Affiliate Manager Plus is an affiliate management dashboard to be used by your account managers. It will accumulate data from the networks at the touch of a button, allowing reports to come together instantly. Compiling bulletproof information and insight, offering conclusive and measurable reporting around campaign performance, margin, gap analysis, and affiliates - instantly. I've attached an overview which goes into more detail.

Initially, the software will be used internally; only for clients. Here's the launch video which demonstrates its ability and value -

For more information please visit - or contact the team at 7thingsmedia on 020 7017 3190.

Any questions about this, or generally, as ever don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks, Chris

Monday, 26 September 2011

7thingsmedia represented at A4UExpo

7thingsmedia's Key Account Manager Fiona Gandy, and Performance Director David McDermott will take to their respective stages at October’s A4U Expo London to enlighten attendees on key areas of the performance marketing industry.

Fi's session entitled - Success, sales and style: getting the best from fashion affiliates - will give fashion brands insights on how to correctly use Affiliate Marketing to progress the brand and maximise sales - naturally with a careful eye on ensuring that the right type of affiliates are on board.  Fi has been behind many of our successful fashion affiliate programmes at 7thingsmedia including Agent Provocateur, Liberty London and Ted Baker.

Fi's session at A4U London Expo is at 9.30 – 10.30 on day two (19 October, 2011).

David's session is later on that day were he will introduce the point of diminishing return within affiliate marketing, and particularly wider performance channels for his session entitled: The Digital Mix and the Point of Diminishing Return .

David's session is a must for all data minded Marketing Managers

The questions of where to invest and what is the most efficient channel are posed, and David will reason over this relationship relative to a brand’s marketing strategy.

This session at A4U London Expo is at 4 – 5pm on day two (19 October, 2011).

Thanks, Chris