Thursday, 30 August 2007

Hotel Chocolat Affiliate PPC guidelines update

##Update## 23:58, Thursday - Should Merchants be able to specify negative lists for PPC - I've joined this debate on A4Uforum and it seems a lively discussion point.

F.A.O. Hotel Chocolat Affiliates.

Hotel Chocolat has seen considerable growth over the past year from our affiliate program and as an organisation (including Board Room level) we are very proud of our program and activity by our affiliates.

Unfortunately, in the past month we have been hit with a handful of affiliates who have abused the rules and continue to break our Paid Search Terms & Conditions. We have therefore felt necessary to update our terms and distribute. I am well aware the vast majority of you are keeping within the limits and it is a case of a few bad apples, but unfortunately they are undoing the goodwill and hard work invested by our affiliates, our agency and my team here at Hotel Chocolat.

I have documented our PPC guidelines below which if you currently undertake any paid search promotion please to these read these guidelines and ensure you update your campaigns ASAP (by 3rd September 2007 at the very latest) to adhere to these terms

Any use of our intellectual property rights - whether bidding for our trademarked keywords or any other use of our intellectual property without our written consent - will be considered a material breach of your affiliate agreement and an infringement of our intellectual property rights which will lead to you being removed from the Hotel Chocolat affiliate scheme and commissions reversed.

I am available for the majority of today if anybody wants to discuss this with me personally (details below) and I will aim to reply to any IM messages, email and forum or blog posts!

Finally, thank you for your continuous efforts to make the Hotel Chocolat affiliate program a success and look forward to plenty more in the future.

Important PPC Guidelines
Please ensure that you DO NOT bid for Hotel Chocolat's brand related keywords on search publishers such as Google, Overture, Espotting and BT Looksmart and any other "Paid For Listings" providers. This includes the Hotel Chocolat trademark, brand name & brand name misspellings (This includes all misspellings of brand terms, any terms similar to the brand and misspellings of the URLs – Example misspell “hoetl chocolat” or “h9tel choc”)

Terms not to bid on & to add to negative keyword list (negative for all PHRASE, BROAD and EXACT MATCH).

Hotel Chocolat
Hotel Chocolat Corporate
The Chocolate Tasting Club
Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club
Choc Express
Geneiva Chocolate

We do not encourage affiliates to bid on any of our competitor’s brand terms.

We are happy for affiliates to mention Hotel Chocolat in the title/body of adverts. e.g Irresistible Chocolate at Hotel Chocolat – and use the Hotel Chocolat URL as the URL displayed

Kind regards

Chris Bishop

Monday, 27 August 2007

Probably the best Guerrilla Marketing

This is an interesting idea of guerrilla marketing from Carlsberg beer. The company promoted their “Don’t do litter” campaign by dropping £5000 in £10 and £20 notes randomly around London. Each note was slapped with removable stickers that noted “Carlsberg don’t do litter. But if they did it would probably be the best litter in the world.” The company hopes anyone who’s lucky enough to pick up the notes may head to a local market and get a six pack of beer.

Now on the face of things, this seems an expensive marketing campaign especially for a small niche area of London but consindering the old adage, "I told two friends, and they told two more friends"? It, as most viral/guerrilla marketing tactics do, will ensure a "Probably" massive audience then and a highly effective marketing tactic. Especially as this has currently been posted all around the internet and now actually reached my blog!

I believe Carlsberg used the Saatchi & Saatchi, London, UK advertising agency for this campaign.

What are your thoughts? Expensive? Effective?

Here are some more Carlsberg TV adverts...

Come on the Wanderers!

A super Saturday performance from Bolton Wanderers! Great goals from Gary Speed, Nicolas Anelka and the new wizard winger Daniel Braaten.

A comfortable 3-0 victory over last years bogey team Reading. Not had the full match report off the parents yet (As I don't have a season ticket this year, I rely on my parents for match reports!) but apparantly 3-0 was well deserved and minus a bit of cocky show boating it could of been four or five.

Man of the Match - El Hadji Diouf

Thursday, 23 August 2007

New Product- Chocolate Wedding Favours

I thought I’d update my blog with an update on a new product range at Hotel Chocolat. From time to time I’ll be updating the blog with updates from NPD and marketing and hints and tips for affiliate marketing supportive copy and deeplinks.

Earlier this week we launched our Wedding Favours range “Little Boxes of Love”, with three new products; Truly, Madly and Deeply.

They are available in sets of 10 and retail at £27.

Hotel Chocolat Wedding Favours
Hotel Chocolat Wedding Favours

Here’s a little background information on Wedding Favours from Wikipedia, for the SEO affiliates I’ve add some deeplinks for example of how to link into the Hotel Chocolat site (naturally ensure you use your affiliate tags)

"Wedding favours are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception.

The tradition of distributing
wedding favours is a very old one. It is believed that the first wedding favour, common amongst European aristocrats, was known as a bonbonniere

Today, gifts to guests are commonly known as
wedding favours and are shared in cultures worldwide. Wedding favors have become a part of wedding reception planning, especially here in the UK, USA & Canada.

N.B. The US spelling of
Wedding Favours is Wedding Favors."

I'll be updating the CJ system with text links and also images for the range, please ensure to check.



Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Hotel Chocolat US in the news!

From my Google Alerts I’ve just found out that Retail Week have published a small article surrounding our exciting US launch has been published. Please click here for the link to Angus’ interview with Retail Week.

As the launch clock continues to count down I’ll keep adding tid-bits and potentially sneak previews on all news regarding our Chocolate Candy Store.

On that, if there are any particular parts that interest your regarding our US chocolate home delivery launch please feel free to add comments/questions below and I’m aim to answer these...



Tuesday, 14 August 2007

A new home for Chris Bishop!

The name say’s it all!

Terms have been agreed and the keys handed over! Last night I moved into a new 2 bedroom flat in Clerkenwell, London. I’ll be continuing to living with my old school (Standish Community High School) and college (Winstanley College) friend John Phillips.

The place is a great penthouse 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment with awesome views of The City of London with our glass wall arrangement in our front room (see pictures below). We also have a massive private roof so I am sure they’ll be a few late Indian summer parties up there and I am tempted to winch some five-a-side football nets up there!

A little about Clerkenwell...

London's first gastropub, The Eagle, appranrly opened in Clerkenwell in 1991. Clerkenwell is the home of two of London's largest nightclubs, Turnmills and Fabric. The nightlife is centred on the north side of Smithfield market, revellers (does that make me a reveller then!) gathering alongside delivery teams from across Europe at the meat market on nights throughout the week. Several pre-club bars such as Smith's of Smithfield (Were I can often be found), Meet, The Castle and Bed Bar have flourished in the area

So I’m sure there be a few trips to Ikea (furniture) further trips to Smiths of Smithsfield and I’ll keep the blog updated with any flat updates and invites to any summer dinner parties!

New Flat - Front Room!

Glass Walls!

Chris Bishop on roof!



Thursday, 9 August 2007

PopEye Family Guy Clip

Just watching a Family Guy repeat, just find this hilarious!

Inside Chris Bishop Office

I thought I'd follow Bill Gates' footsteps and show my desk at Hotel Chocolat

My office desk - Hotel Chocolat, originally uploaded by Chris-Bishop. Click on image to view the tags on the image to view the various items on my desk!

CJU - More the celebration!

Looking back at Commission Junction’s CJU event, it was not only great for the various presentations, networking and of course personally collecting the outstanding individual in affiliate marketing award but also because I managed to sit next to Team Hitflip during one of the lunch sessions!

Did were chatting the usual business talk and discussing the finer points of affiliate marketing when it was announced Adam Finlayson won the CJ Charity Raffle main prize, a once-in-a-lifetime Lamborghini driving experience at a UK race track.

Now what you need to understand is that Hitflip is a legal peer-to-peer platform for the exchange of products. Usual DVD, music CDs, games etc to which Adam had been proudly explaining to which I personally loved the idea, a kind of “swap shop” online.

Getting into the spirit of things (and being slightly envious of his Lamborghini prize draw swoop) I hit Adam with the offer to swap the prestige driving experience for his weight in Hotel Chocolat’s gourmet chocolates (bear in mind, and Adam will admit, he’s seen a good few cooked breakfast in his time and isn’t shy on the old Bratwurst and I’m sure a few Warsteiner Beers too!)

On considering, Adam admitted that would put Hotel Chocolat out of business however an offer was proposed for in exchange of Adam’s driving experience he wanted enough luxury chocolate to satisfy the cravings of Hitflip’s staff.

Deal or no Deal……

Hotel ChocolatLamborghini


Lambo time equals Good Times!

Adam acted in great spirit, and proved the fantastic character and ethos of Hitflip. I received the Lamborghini experience pack this morning and I am currently on the Hotel Chocolat site choosing a selection of chocolates for the 30 strong German Hitflip office and I must add paying for the chocolates and delivery to out of my pocket!

I’ll ensure I keep you updated with the extreme driving experience and also pass on feedback from the Hitflip guys on their sensual chocolate journey!


Thursday, 2 August 2007

Hotel Chocolat Summer Campaign

Here's the latest offering for Hotel Chocolat affiliates:

Chocolates to make your summer website shine

If you’re planning a summer category page or you’d simply like your site/email to be remembered by your visitors and customers alike, there is one thing you can depend on this summer, come rain or shine… Our brand summer range is out, ready to make you and your brand sizzle!

Full of light, fresh flavours specially created for warmer weather. And made with wholesome, authentic ingredients like real fruit and chocolate high in cocoa solids.

Chocolate is universally accepted and always enjoyed…

Chocolates to Chill creative (obtain from CJ log in):

Summer Chocolates Deeplink Category

Supportive Copy
Summertime Chocolate Specials

Whatever your occasion demands – heels, boating shoes or flip-flops – discover the only chocolate to step out with. Hotel Chocolat's Summer Collection of exclusive chocolates features light, fresh recipes in perfect harmony with the season. For picnics in the park, al fresco dinner parties and summer frolics…

Step out in style this summer with Hotel Chocolat's summer chocolates...

So to brighten your guests’ day and leave them with a warm, sunny glow log in
to the Commission Junction interface to obtain the links to promote Hotel Chocolat's summer range. Key Stats

Average Order Value £32
Conversion Rate 9%
Default Commission 7%

Suggestion products to promote...

Chocolates to Chill

Summer Goody Bag

Selection of the Season with Pink Champagne

Kind Regards


Chris Bishop
Online Marketing Manager
Hotel Chocolat
E :
Skype: cpbishop
T : 01763 257784
Blog - Chris Bishop

Speaker Event – A4UExpo

Chris Bishop speaking at A4U Expo

I’ve had the great pleasure to accept an invitation to speak at A4U Expo. A4U Expo will be the UK's very own and first Affiliate Marketing Conference & Exhibition on October 25 & 26

a4uexpo will represent the only UK-based Affiliate Marketing specific event and aims to bring together all those working in or around the sector in a professional environment to hear about & debate the key issues currently facing the channel. The full Conference programme will run over both days, with a collection of top speakers working across the sector, as well as a range of different topic-specific Workshop sessions

I’ll be sharing the floor with Chris King (BT) and Zak Edwards (Prezzybox) and we’ll aim to pass on some best practise knowledge sharing in a fun and informative manner.

Anybody There? How to Break Through The Noise

Experienced affiliate managers uncover their secrets, with fast paced presentations on proven activation techniques, advice on formulating incentives, recruitment and communication strategies to ensure your affiliate programme and offering gets noticed in this crowded market. With ample time to unleash your questions with the included Q&A session.

To register for the event please follow the link and take advantage of an early bird discount.

I'll look forward to seeing you there...