Thursday, 9 August 2007

CJU - More the celebration!

Looking back at Commission Junction’s CJU event, it was not only great for the various presentations, networking and of course personally collecting the outstanding individual in affiliate marketing award but also because I managed to sit next to Team Hitflip during one of the lunch sessions!

Did were chatting the usual business talk and discussing the finer points of affiliate marketing when it was announced Adam Finlayson won the CJ Charity Raffle main prize, a once-in-a-lifetime Lamborghini driving experience at a UK race track.

Now what you need to understand is that Hitflip is a legal peer-to-peer platform for the exchange of products. Usual DVD, music CDs, games etc to which Adam had been proudly explaining to which I personally loved the idea, a kind of “swap shop” online.

Getting into the spirit of things (and being slightly envious of his Lamborghini prize draw swoop) I hit Adam with the offer to swap the prestige driving experience for his weight in Hotel Chocolat’s gourmet chocolates (bear in mind, and Adam will admit, he’s seen a good few cooked breakfast in his time and isn’t shy on the old Bratwurst and I’m sure a few Warsteiner Beers too!)

On considering, Adam admitted that would put Hotel Chocolat out of business however an offer was proposed for in exchange of Adam’s driving experience he wanted enough luxury chocolate to satisfy the cravings of Hitflip’s staff.

Deal or no Deal……

Hotel ChocolatLamborghini


Lambo time equals Good Times!

Adam acted in great spirit, and proved the fantastic character and ethos of Hitflip. I received the Lamborghini experience pack this morning and I am currently on the Hotel Chocolat site choosing a selection of chocolates for the 30 strong German Hitflip office and I must add paying for the chocolates and delivery to out of my pocket!

I’ll ensure I keep you updated with the extreme driving experience and also pass on feedback from the Hitflip guys on their sensual chocolate journey!


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lamborghinis are mint whates the speed