Thursday, 30 August 2007

Hotel Chocolat Affiliate PPC guidelines update

##Update## 23:58, Thursday - Should Merchants be able to specify negative lists for PPC - I've joined this debate on A4Uforum and it seems a lively discussion point.

F.A.O. Hotel Chocolat Affiliates.

Hotel Chocolat has seen considerable growth over the past year from our affiliate program and as an organisation (including Board Room level) we are very proud of our program and activity by our affiliates.

Unfortunately, in the past month we have been hit with a handful of affiliates who have abused the rules and continue to break our Paid Search Terms & Conditions. We have therefore felt necessary to update our terms and distribute. I am well aware the vast majority of you are keeping within the limits and it is a case of a few bad apples, but unfortunately they are undoing the goodwill and hard work invested by our affiliates, our agency and my team here at Hotel Chocolat.

I have documented our PPC guidelines below which if you currently undertake any paid search promotion please to these read these guidelines and ensure you update your campaigns ASAP (by 3rd September 2007 at the very latest) to adhere to these terms

Any use of our intellectual property rights - whether bidding for our trademarked keywords or any other use of our intellectual property without our written consent - will be considered a material breach of your affiliate agreement and an infringement of our intellectual property rights which will lead to you being removed from the Hotel Chocolat affiliate scheme and commissions reversed.

I am available for the majority of today if anybody wants to discuss this with me personally (details below) and I will aim to reply to any IM messages, email and forum or blog posts!

Finally, thank you for your continuous efforts to make the Hotel Chocolat affiliate program a success and look forward to plenty more in the future.

Important PPC Guidelines
Please ensure that you DO NOT bid for Hotel Chocolat's brand related keywords on search publishers such as Google, Overture, Espotting and BT Looksmart and any other "Paid For Listings" providers. This includes the Hotel Chocolat trademark, brand name & brand name misspellings (This includes all misspellings of brand terms, any terms similar to the brand and misspellings of the URLs – Example misspell “hoetl chocolat” or “h9tel choc”)

Terms not to bid on & to add to negative keyword list (negative for all PHRASE, BROAD and EXACT MATCH).

Hotel Chocolat
Hotel Chocolat Corporate
The Chocolate Tasting Club
Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club
Choc Express
Geneiva Chocolate

We do not encourage affiliates to bid on any of our competitor’s brand terms.

We are happy for affiliates to mention Hotel Chocolat in the title/body of adverts. e.g Irresistible Chocolate at Hotel Chocolat – and use the Hotel Chocolat URL as the URL displayed

Kind regards

Chris Bishop

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