Friday, 14 September 2007

Hotel Chocolat officially announced a CoolBrand

Cool, some people have it and some people… well they just don’t. And last night’s CoolBrand launch night confirmed something that I think we have all suspected for a while. Hotel Chocolat have been named as one of the Top CoolBrands of 2007.

Aston Martin - CoolBrands 2007

It was a fantastic event and special thanks to the Asahi and Cobra promo girls for the fantastic range of complimentary beer. I am sure some embarrassing photos will be published early next week of myself and colleagues that attended so I’ll aim to add these to the blog post (as long as they are cool, naturally)

CoolBrands is the brainchild of the international organisation SuperBrands. Launched in 1995, they publish an annual list of the coolest 500 brands as determined by the CoolBrand Council and a poll of over 2,000 members of the public. They look at brands and ask themselves six key questions:

• Are they stylish?
• Are they innovative?
• Are they original?
• Are they authentic?
• Are they desirable?
• Are they unique?

That we’re now swimming with names like Aston Martin, Bang & Olufsen, Apple, Agent Provocateur and Ferrari is not just down to the quality of our products and marketing, but how we all portray the company. And for that we should all take credit (in a nonchalantly cool way).

NB. A certain Hotel Chocolat employee suffered more than others this morning and was caught out twice actually asleep at his desk... if you ask nicely I'm sure I'll reveal who.....



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