Thursday, 6 September 2007

Sweet Chariot!

Where were you at around 11.30am on 22nd November 2003? I for one will never forget. That was the day the nation watched breathlessly as Jonny Wilkinson dropkicked us to Rugby World Cup glory. And now, 4 years on, it’s about to begin all over again.

This time, however, the England rugby team have a secret weapon – Hotel Chocolat chocolate!

Recently, we’ve been in touch with the wife of the England coach, Helen Ashton, as well as the team nutritionist, Matt Lovell. It turns out they had been looking for the best chocolate around and had found it in our Kensington store. Eating chocolate the night before a match gives the players much needed energy.

Naturally, we invited Helen back to Kensington last Saturday accompanied by the players’ wives and girlfriends who are affectionately known as ‘Scrummies’. To our delight several star players also came along, including the iconic Jonny (picture below with Richard Kent - Marketing Director & his son).

Richard Kent, Thomas Kent & Jonny

The team are now safely ensconced in France and, armed with Hotel Chocolat giant slabs, are ready to begin the defence of their title. And when they get back, hopefully not too soon, we’ll be working on making chocolate especially for the team.

PS. Rumours that Jonny's ankle injury was caused by a mini slab are completely untrue!

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