Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Affiliate Marketing Case Study

For those who couldn't make my speaker event this morning at the Internet Retailing event... well you lucky dogs I've embedded it into my blog.

Katie Harrod (Account Director, Commission Junction) and myself spoke about the future of affiliate marketing and I went on to discuss how I have adapted Kevin Roberts "LoveMarks" book as an ethos to my affiliate marketing communication.

I hope you all enjoy the presentation... any questions or comments as always feel free to add....

UPDATE: Please note I have now moved from Hotel Chocolat - my current contact details are chrisbishop(at)hof.co.uk


RCaroe said...

I see you came to look at my blog overnight - thanks for the visit.

I love some of the things you guys do and in fact, one of my clients, Gabrielle Shaw Communications, came to pitch HC recently for offline PR support.

I'd like to pick your brains about what data analytics tools you use. Could we speak?


Rebecca Caroe

Affiliate Program Advice said...

Hi Chris
Ill be going through your case study later on today :0)
If you don’t mind me saying, I like your style and the way you embrace affiliate marketing with a sensible hat on and look at the facts rather then the urban myths that seem to be shooting up, like the affiliates brand bidding issues which seem to be getting such a negative distorted view for outsiders looking in on what aff marketing is all about.
Thank you for giving our industry a positive view and congrats on the nomination a4u.

By the way… those yule logs from HC that I get every year… worth every penny roll on xmas.

Overall Chris...a very sweet experience, Rock on!

Michael Brandy said...

Hey Chris,

A great presentation with a nice mix of humour and deliverance with regards to your overall message.

Although the market is changing, I agree that it is important for the affiliate to feel part of the merchants sales strategy and you have outlined this perfectly.

I know how hard you had worked on that presentation, so it's great to hear that it went down well.

Michael Brandy

Chris Bishop said...

Rebecca - Yes I popped over to see your blog, nice to see our postal strike policy and communication being used for best practise!

Feel free to get in touch!

Jess - Hope you enjoyed going through the presentation and thanks for your comments - I love the environment and landscape that I work within and priveledge that I can contribute in some minor way - being recognize by affiliates, merchants and networks is a fantastic accolade that I am very proud of!

Mikey B - All the knowledge was from the beer meetings! Hope your well matey and the best of luck in your new venture...