Friday, 23 November 2007

Bring back the Home Nations Tournament - Summer 2008

According to the BBC News, there could be a Celtic Cup without England..

The FA don’t have long to decide - and given their recent performance, will they be able to make a decision quickly?

Don’t let them waste this opportunity to make sure we have some British and Irish football to watch next year, join the Bring back the Home Nations Tournament facebook group and invite your friends!

England can destroy Scotland... surely... ? Are Northern Ireland now a better team than the Republic... and surely Wales are to remain the laughing stock of the Home Nations...

For the majority of fans born in the last twenty five years, the only fixtures that have really segregated the British football fan along lines of nationality have been those chance meetings in major cup competitions.

Every English fan will remember David Seaman saving Gary McAllister's penalty and Gascoigne's wonder goal during Euro '96 and as such, the British Championship - or Home Nations - when conceived back in 1883, would have known little about how important these matches would become.

Bring back the Home Nations Tournament - Summer 2008

Join in the support to bring back the home nations tournament by following the following facebook group, especially with news they are going to have a Celtic Cup without England! - Act Now! - Bring back the Home Nations Tournament - Summer 2008

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