Monday, 5 November 2007

Christmas vs. Xmas

I was going to call this "Let's get rid of the X!" and plead from a traditional point of view for putting "Christ" back in and using "Christmas" instead of "Xmas". But I changed my mind after checking a dictionary. Which states the "X" in Xmas does really mean "Christ".

In fact, I learned something completely new and found that there are more abbreviations where the X is used instead of Christ, without changing the meaning. I learned that "xn" means "Christian" and "xnty" means "Christianity". And when looking up just the "X" as a letter, I found it to also mean "Christ", even without the connection with the word Xmas.
And here I was, worried that the world might be starting to forget about Christmas and its origins! Well, I still think there is that tendency, but at least I know now that this is not reflected in the word "Xmas".
So I’ll get off my soap box now so whether you are looking to buy/receive Christmas gifts or xmas gifts it doesn’t seem to matter… well as long as they are chocolate gifts from Hotel Chocolat!
Oh and let’s not forget Christmas is a time for hope, cheer, and goodwill for all mankind

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