Friday, 23 November 2007

Holidays are coming - Coca-Cola Christmas Advert is back!

It's now officially Christmas

Christmas (not Xmas - read my Christmas vs Xmas post) is all about tradition! And for me the Christmas season really does begin with the old traditional Coca Cola festive ad campaign, which Coca-Cola has decided to re-use its best-loved ads during the Christmas period, with "holidays are coming".

The "holidays are coming" ad features a train of red Coca-Cola lorries bedecked in fairy lights driving through a snowy landscape. Everything they pass lights up as people turn to stare at the lorries driving through.

Many last year blamed Coca Cola for a poor Christmas after they didn't release the iconic advertisment in 2006. Many a petition was signed, calls to the Coca-Cola customer hotline and recently a Facebook group dedicated directly to bringing the advert back! This shows great stength of consumer power and also that TV advertising is still one power media!

So here's to Christmas, and don't forget those Christmas Gifts!!

Here's the longer version...

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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