Monday, 5 November 2007

A simple chocolate dessert by a European chocolatier

Hotel Chocolat debut on US TV!!! Woohoo

Here's a link to Angus Thirlwell’s (co-founder of Hotel Chocolat) first US TV appearance on ABC7's - View from the Bay.

Angus Thirlwell, Hotel Chocolat on US TV

Angus was invited on the show to make some Caramel Kiss Pots which is an alternative chocolate recipe idea from our Liquid Chocolat range (Hot Chocolat) and to promote our US chocolate gifting website.

Any aspiring chocolatiers please feel free to send me a picture of your Caramel Kiss Pot or any Chocolate Inspiration and I’ll review with Angus and I am sure we can pass some chocolate candy treats for good attempts…

P.S. Angus – I love the Apron!

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