Monday, 19 November 2007

Online publishers participate in pure chocolate indulgence

Online publishers of Hotel Chocolat were treated to a true chocolate indulgent treat when we hosted our Christmas Gifting Online Publisher event in our Kensington Store last Thursday.

Profound words from Lynn and Chris Bishop
Our online partners travelled from as far as Toronto to be part of the chocolate shindig. The night was hosted by Lynn (Hotel Chocolat People & Ethics Director) and myself with the main purpose to thank our online ambassadors for their contribution to our company for the past year, let them exclusively sample some of our new range and also drink plenty of champagne!

The glamour girls from TMN media sample our champagne truffles
The evening was kick started with a little introduction from myself and then words from Lynn explaining Hotel Chocolat’s history and growth but also the key factor to our success, which are the relationships we keep. Whether with our chocolatiers, our customers or our partners… relationships are vital in the success of our business and the night was about celebrating the relationships we have built and strengthening those with chocolate training and chocolate recipe inspirations.

Our Training team and Store Staff happily paraded some of our current and new product ranges and I was delighted to witness the full on engagement from our VIPs for the night. The dusted Champagne Truffles are always a big hit and accompanied the complimentary champagne for the evening, Moet. The chocolate tastes where then widened with white, milk and dark chocolate offerings and then the chocolate journey was then heighten with our 72% Dark Chocolat Purist Bar with Chilli & Pink Peppercorns and then also our Cocoa Nib Balsamic Vinegar and Cocoa & Chilli Olive Oil served with classic big rustic French baguettes.

Chilli and Chocolate Tasting
It was a pleasure to meet online publishers of Hotel Chocolat; some was a first time meet (which was a great pleasure) and naturally catch up with old friends. The night was certainly a success from my point of view as everyone enjoyed the full on chocolate indulgence inside Hotel Chocolat.

A huge thanks for the night to the following people
- Liz, Katy, Lynn and Gabriela for your on the day expertise, phenomenal chocolate tasting database, profound words to open the evening and providing the chocolates!
- Andy & Dan for allowing us into your store after hours and entertaining our guests with vast product knowledge.
- Matt for being the paparazzi for the night and offering to buy me a pint!

Also, not to forget Charley and Zia our online socialites from Immediate Future and Sallie and Dom from Commission Junction.

But most of all thanks to the online publishers for your attendance and the best of luck in your future promotions for our company.

Thanks, Chris

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