Monday, 17 December 2007

Chocolate Gift Retailer Launches Cross Correlation to its affiliate program

Hotel Chocolat are delighted to announce that with the launch of their new US company they are extending their gifts affiliate program to work across both their existing site and new US website,, via a new cross-account correlation featured.

Cross-Account Correlation is a feature that enables an advertiser with multiple Web sites and multiple affiliate programs to accurately track a referral from a publisher. Additionally, the feature allows publishers to receive credit for all of their referrals regardless of the path the consumer takes before finally taking a commissionable action.

Cross-Account Correlation allows affiliates to receive credit for all their referrals to Hotel Chocolat regardless of the initial path, as we can now accurately track a referral from both our delivered gifts sites.

All existing Hotel Chocolat affiliates will receive an offer to join the US program and can either actively start promoting to American traffic or offer it as an option for UK traffic to purchase for family and friends over in the US. New publishers when they apply to join the UK program will be able to tick a checkbox to also apply for the US program and visa-versa.

If you have any question regarding this please feel free to contact Hotel Chocolat via

To join Hotel Chocolat's gifting affiliate program please click here, or to join our US gift affiliate program follow this link.

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Take a tour a cocoa plantation, Rabot Estate - St Lucia... our recently uploaded video on the Hotel Chocolat website and get a unique insight into cocoa farming from our plantation at the Rabot Estate, St Lucia. Angus introduces the video explaining the story of purchasing the historic Rabot Estate to then detail the cocoa growing, the pods ripening on trees as well as how we harvest, ferment and dry the beans, until they’re ready to make chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat Rabot Estate Cocoa PlantationHere's a direct link -

This is our first video from the Estate and Phil & Judy are keen to keep us all updated of developments from St Lucia via video/photo format on our website. Feel free to share with your family/friends as the video is also available on our Hotel Chocolat YouTube channel.


Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Christmas Secret Santa Competition

As Christmas is fast approaching, we are on the hunt for our very own yuletide David Bailey!

Why not enter our Secret Santa Competition by simply downloading and printing off one or all of the Hotel Chocolat Christmas images which can be found at . We would then like you to photograph yourself and your office colleagues, with said image, in the most festive and imaginative setting you can think of – this is your chance to get creative!

Hotel Chocolat Secret Santa
All you have to do is upload your seasonal photo and you could win 15 gorgeous chocolate gifts from the Hotel Chocolat Christmas range for your office secret santa!

Happy Christmas snapping guys

Here are a few examples!!!
Hotel Chocolat Secret Santa

Hotel Chocolat Secret Santa

Good Luck!!!

Monday, 3 December 2007

Worst Miss Ever?

On Sunday at Anfield Nicolas Anelka (hero last weekend with our victory over Man Yoo Plc) achieved the unwanted title of miss of the season so far with....

Which made me think... was it really that bad?? Or do we just demand higher quality for a elite player such as Nico...

Well hear are some other complete howlers I've just found on YouTube---- Enjoy!!!

The original and surely still the best!!!

Taxi for Ronaldo - You Man Yoo winker!

Or what about

I don't think I could ever beat that last one!

Chocolate Slam Dunk Success

Earlier this month we hosted four Ambassador Dinners as a thank you to our new friends on the other side of the pond. The Ambassadors are a group of carefully selected influencers and ‘tastemakers’ including business leaders, designers, artists, journalists and local celebrities in four key US cities, San Francisco, Atlanta, Boston and Chicago.

Each Ambassador had received a bespoke selection of our chocolates by way of an introduction to the Hotel Chocolat brand and products and then in time honoured Tasting Club tradition, were invited to score each of them out of ten. The chocolates with the highest scores were then collated and a ‘City Sweet’ established to reflect the varying tastes of the East and West coasts, Mid-West and the Deep South!

One of the friendliest and most enthusiastic Ambassadors was Joe Barry Carroll in Atlanta. Joe spent 10 seasons in the NBA playing for the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets amongst others and is now a successful businessman based in Atlanta.

At 7’1’’ it’s not surprising he’s successful!

He’s pictured here with our Chief Operating Officer, Nicki, who was wearing heels!!!

Both the Ambassador events and TV appearances go to prove that awareness of Hotel Chocolat is building up nicely Stateside!

Chocolate Dessert Recipe from

In November I posted about Angus Thirlwell's (Hotel Chocolat co-founder) first foray into American TV with his appearance on ABC7's - View from the Bay with my A simple chocolate dessert by a European chocolatier post.

Well its now found its way to YouTube so double the fame for Angus and our US chocolate gifting company...

Below is an embeded version of the clip

Or click here to visit Chocolate Dessert Recipe from

Products featured in the video include our Giant Gourmet Chocolate Slabs and our Liquid Chocolat which is our fantastic take on traditional hot chocolate

Thanks, Chris

Win luxury Hotel Chocolat Christmas Prizes - for you or a loved one

Tis’ the season to be chocolaty. As Christmas time approaches, Hotel Chocolat is reaching out in search of the finest Yuletide themed chocolate recipes.

Do you have the best Christmas chocolate-chip cookies in town? Is your Christmas chocolate log simply to die for? Then why not put your recipe to the test against the rest of the country.

All you have to do is submit your original recipe and you could win a host of luxury chocolate goodies.

Your chances of winning don’t end there; you can also enter your favourite recipe on the Hotel Chocolat website to win daily prizes. The lucky daily prize winner will also be automatically entered in to the Hotel Chocolat Grand Prize recipe competition to win even more prizes from the Christmas selection!

Do you think you’re the finest chocolate chef in the land? Well there really is only one way to find out …

Click here to enter your favourite Christmas Chocolate recipe....