Monday, 17 December 2007

Chocolate Gift Retailer Launches Cross Correlation to its affiliate program

Hotel Chocolat are delighted to announce that with the launch of their new US company they are extending their gifts affiliate program to work across both their existing site and new US website,, via a new cross-account correlation featured.

Cross-Account Correlation is a feature that enables an advertiser with multiple Web sites and multiple affiliate programs to accurately track a referral from a publisher. Additionally, the feature allows publishers to receive credit for all of their referrals regardless of the path the consumer takes before finally taking a commissionable action.

Cross-Account Correlation allows affiliates to receive credit for all their referrals to Hotel Chocolat regardless of the initial path, as we can now accurately track a referral from both our delivered gifts sites.

All existing Hotel Chocolat affiliates will receive an offer to join the US program and can either actively start promoting to American traffic or offer it as an option for UK traffic to purchase for family and friends over in the US. New publishers when they apply to join the UK program will be able to tick a checkbox to also apply for the US program and visa-versa.

If you have any question regarding this please feel free to contact Hotel Chocolat via

To join Hotel Chocolat's gifting affiliate program please click here, or to join our US gift affiliate program follow this link.

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