Monday, 3 December 2007

Chocolate Slam Dunk Success

Earlier this month we hosted four Ambassador Dinners as a thank you to our new friends on the other side of the pond. The Ambassadors are a group of carefully selected influencers and ‘tastemakers’ including business leaders, designers, artists, journalists and local celebrities in four key US cities, San Francisco, Atlanta, Boston and Chicago.

Each Ambassador had received a bespoke selection of our chocolates by way of an introduction to the Hotel Chocolat brand and products and then in time honoured Tasting Club tradition, were invited to score each of them out of ten. The chocolates with the highest scores were then collated and a ‘City Sweet’ established to reflect the varying tastes of the East and West coasts, Mid-West and the Deep South!

One of the friendliest and most enthusiastic Ambassadors was Joe Barry Carroll in Atlanta. Joe spent 10 seasons in the NBA playing for the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets amongst others and is now a successful businessman based in Atlanta.

At 7’1’’ it’s not surprising he’s successful!

He’s pictured here with our Chief Operating Officer, Nicki, who was wearing heels!!!

Both the Ambassador events and TV appearances go to prove that awareness of Hotel Chocolat is building up nicely Stateside!

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