Monday, 28 January 2008

A romantic Valentine's poem to win some chocolates? You decide?

After a recent discussion on Affiliates4U regarding chocolates being the perfect Valentine's gift, Naomi Brown, Affiliate Manager at Firebox gave in to desiring some chocolate treats to make her day.

A romantic Valentine's poem to win some chocolates? You decide?

I passed on the challenge to her.... a romantic poem to win some Valentine's Chocolates. Below is here poem...

Do you feel this is worth the countries finest champagne truffles?? Let me know your comments

Poem For Chris

I’m sitting here and thinking
How to be your Valentine
How to make you notice me
When affiliates take all your time

So although you may not know it
I’ve already made a start
Oh Bolton-boy, I have a plan
For how to win your heart.

I could just live off chocolate
For a year or maybe two
I would get fat, but still at least
I’d see much more of you.

For if I bought it through my links
I’d have a hope and dream
That some day soon I could become
Your one-woman affiliate scheme.


Naomi said...

Definately worth the chocolates.
The writer must be a genius.

Julie said...

I agree, she definately deserves the chocolates after that fantastic verse.


Chris Bishop said...

Hi Naomi

I'm liking that your drumming up support on the Firebox blog.

I'll have to consider this carefully!