Friday, 29 February 2008

LAST ORDERS for Mother's Day - 2.30pm today for chocolates!

Quick Note for Mother's Day gift delivery.

Hotel Chocolat have extended our delivery times for Mother's Day and released a range of products which are available up to 2.30pm today for guaranteed Saturday delivery so still in time for Mother's Day.

Affiliates please can you tweak any PPC ads or web copy to reflect this offer and catch the last day of Mother's Day sales.

To view our Mother's Day range click here

Affiliates that amend their websites please email with your website link, affiliate ID and address and I'll hand out an Easter Hamper to one reactive affiliate TODAY!!!

Suggested Supportive Copy (and hyperlinks)
There's still time for guaranteed Mother's Day delivery from Hotel Chocolat but hurry - Order one or more from their last minute Mother's Day gifts before 2.30pm today and they will guarantee delivery tomorrow! Simply select their Gold delivery service during checkout.

For last minute orders for Mother's Day visit Hotel Chocolat

Thanks, Chris

Monday, 25 February 2008

Affiliate Commission your Mum would approve

Hotel Chocolat are the leading luxury gift carrier to ensure everyone's Mum has something suitably gorgeous this Mother's Day.. We've maintained the exceptionally high 10% default season of love commission, so make sure you highly promote Hotel Chocolat in your Mother's Day guides (if you already haven't done so) or give it that extra push to see full sales commissions from this high chocolate buying gifting occasion and naturally don't forget your own mum!

Quick Stats
10% Default Commission
£35 AOV

Delivery Information
Last Orders are 8pm on Thursday 28th February.

Top Mother's Day Gifts

Catwalk & Prosecco
Click here for our Catwalk & Prosecco
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Collection of the Season

CJ deeplink -

Goody Bag

CJ deeplink -

Chocolatier's Table

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Just Truffles

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Catwalk Season of Love

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Creative Theme
All creative is available on the CJ system. After receiving feedback from affiliates we have created both animiated banners and also static banners. If you require any bespoke creative please email Matt Keys.

Supportive Copy

The only way to make gorgeous chocolates your mum would approve of is to start with wholesome, premium ingredients. Mother's Day Chocolates made with a high cocoa content and melt-in-the-mouth, natural cocoa butter. Fruity recipes that contain real fruit, boozy chocolates made with authentic liqueurs. No cheap imitations, no fake flavours, no artificial nasties. And plenty of passion and flair!! Last Orders are 8pm on Thursday 28th February

With Mother’s Day falling very early this year on 2nd March, mums everywhere will be preparing their usual piece of motherly advice – don’t make a fuss! And it’s the one piece of motherly advice we always ignore…So, after years of patching up grazed knees and rubbing grubby faces, why not repay that motherly love by picking out something suitably yummy from Hotel Chocolat. Last Orders are 8pm on Thursday 28th February

Any questions or comments please feel free to ask.

Kind regards


Thursday, 14 February 2008

Protecting and managing online reputation

Readers of my blog will know on Tuesday 5th February I spoke at The Retail Business Show regarding Protecting and managing online reputation.

Well below is the presentation that Katy Howell from Immediate Future and myself discussed. Katy discussed the background of Online PR, its background the current online media landscape and introduced the importance of focus on managing your brand regardless of whether you are a high-street retailer or pure play online dot com (if you have a brand you will be spoken about online - is it good or bad)

As part of reputation management Katy introduced the reactive issue of how to address if something has gone wrong, and drawing the battle lines... in order to defend the brand...

I then introduced the work which Immediate Future and Hotel Chocolat undertook last Easter, our Easter Egg Hunt. In laymens and even more football terms, the best form of defence is to attack and this was the strategy which Hotel Chocolat undertook with regards online PR. Working tacticall with Immediate Future we ensured that the online blogosphere was full of positive coverage which was undertaken from our chocolate easter samples, introducing the history of easter, and our unique approach to thick easter eggs and building relationships with the online influences.

Below is the presentation, if you have any questions or comments please ask.

Thanks, Chris

Monday, 11 February 2008

Earn Valentine's commission until 5pm 13th February!

That's right; we are catering for all those well heeled and fashionably late this Valentine's. We are able to process orders up to 5pm on Wednesday 13th February so please ensure to promote this on your Hotel Chocolat listing and keep pushing us up to the final few minutes.

As we all know you only miss Valentine's once! and chocolates are this years Valentines must have gifts, whether buying for the girl in your life or the man! So get on board and promote Hotel Chocolat on your Valentine's gift guides, gifts for her, for him and promote it for that real luxury treat!

Quick Stats

Default Commission: 10%
Average Order Value: £32
Conversion Rate: 9%

Creative (all available on the CJ system)

Buy Valentines Delivered Gifts from Hotel Chocolat

Buy Valentines Delivered Gifts from Hotel Chocolat

Please pick these up from the CJ interface,which will automatically deeplink to the Valentine's page, or use the following deeplink

Campaigns coming soon...Mother's Day & Easter

Mother's Day is on it's way shortly and again please be aware that Mother's Day is very early this year (2nd March), naturally Hotel Chocolat should be the premium delivered gift merchant on your site for both occasions. I'll email through full details on both including incentives, fantastic creative and supportive copy to ensure you maximise your promotions. Also just we're just putting the final touches to our Easter campaign, so this will also be on it's way to you. Easter for us is as big as Christmas so make sure you are on board to earn some eggcellent (sorry) commissions!

US Traffic - Promote Hotel Chocolat US

If you push traffic from America join our US affiliate program and
promote both Hotel Chocolat UK and Hotel Chocolat US. Through our cross correlation account, you will be rewarded on sales regardless of entry point or sales point, just make sure you if you are an existing UK affiliate you opt into the US program.

Hotel Chocolat Affiliate Team - new team member, Matt Keys

Matt joined Hotel Chocolat last summer and is now coming aboard the management of the affiliate program, he's successfully run programs in his past and I am sure you will all benefit from dropping him a line and he can work on optimising your performance.

Matt Keys

Quick Facts about Matt

He would be rich if he was paid a pound for every cup of tea I made at Hotel Chocolat. He once won a brand new BMW M3 but never got to drive it and he also supports Arsenal!

Contact Details

Matthew Keys
Online Marketing Executive

T: +44 (0)1763 257718

And as always, affiliates showing strong improvement, interesting/new ways of promoting Hotel Chocolat will receive some irresistible Hotel Chocolat treats! If you feel you qualify please email us



Monday, 4 February 2008

Protecting and Managing Online Reputation

Just a quick note that tomorrow morning I am speak with Katy Howell from Immediate Future at The Retail Business Show 2008 in association with Internet Retailing

Protecting and Managing Online Reputation
The phrase 'A lie is half way around the world, before the truth has got its boots on' could have been designed for the online world in which we now live. Online communities and User Generated Content (such as blogs and social networks) are reviewing and debating brand merits: impacting your reputation and ultimately affecting turnover. How do retailers police and protect their reputations and can brands tap into the opportunity to create a positive buzz. Katy Howell from Immediate Future, an expert in online brand reputation will explore the issues along with a case study on how to gain positive profile online, presented by Chris Bishop of Hotel Chocolat.
Katy Howell Immediate Futures and Chris Bishop from Hotel Chocolat

After previously speaking last year on Affiliate Marketing, I'm looking forward to this and will post the presentation towards the end of the week with fuller information on Protecting and Managing your Online reputation.

For full details on the The Retail Business Show 2008 please click here.

Chocolate Pancakes Recipes

A slightly different variation on the humble pancake. Cocoa powder, Liquid Chocolat, Blueberries & Pancakes! This will surely make Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday full of chocolate fun check out Hotel Chocolat's Fruity Chocolat Pancake Recipe.

I'll hope you make one tomorrow and I'll let you know just how tasty they are!!