Friday, 28 March 2008

Kasabian - Belting Friday Afternoon songs!

Miserable grey weather in London, going out getting drench for lunch - bad times!
The weekend is here - good times!

I'm just cranking up some belting Kasabian songs to really kick the weekend off!!

Happy Weekend all!!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Still time for Easter commission - get cracking!

Ok ok...

I am going to leave out all the expected Easter puns - as we (Hotel Chocolat) have already used them in our various marketing campaigns and/or our chocolate competitors (Ha ha - I am sure you can guess who!) have copied them!

Our strong Easter affiliate campaign is still running strong - we are running a minimum 12% commission rate at one of the strongest time's in our year! Today was a fantastic sales day and I am sure tomorrow will continue, so ensure you promote our program until last orders on 4pm Thursday 20th.

Many merchants as documented in the industry have a tendancy to cut commission at their expected peak times we would rather further incentify affiliates to ensure our publisher base fully promote our chocolate easter eggs therefore we have a fuller sales campaign, rather than double-guessing we would just get all the sales anyway if we stayed in bed!

Alongside our nearly double affiliate commission increase we also have run sales bonuses and a few nice chocolate egg give-aways via personal emails and via the affiliates4u forum. To view the last view days of our affiliates4u easter giveaway 2008.

It has been great to see our campaign has not only been a success to date with sales achieved (still more to come I hope!) and the engagement within the forum, it's fantastic to see my campaign has created buzz within the affiliate world with positive posts from Chris Frost and also Jason Dale - particulary loving Jason's usage of Newton's theory - well done there!

Come on the affiliates! - Keep up the last push for Easter and remember our a4uforum give-away.


Ps. Ask nicely and I might show examples of our competitors marketing efforts to which I can only presume their creative team had a Hotel Chocolat catalogue, website and email campaign open in front of them!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Time for Megson to go?

Good thing you rested players Gary Megson, that decision really paid off.

There is nothing much other to say than "I told you so". Well, not just me, but plenty other Bolton fans.

We couldn't score a goal against 10 men and end up losing the "biggest match of the season" 1-0 against Wigan.

Our manager is an utter disgrace and he's paid the penalty for being negative and having a lack of ambition. He thought what he did was right, but it ended up being emphatically wrong.

But he can't use hindsight as an excuse. We were all angry at his squad selection for the game in Lisbon and feared this would happen. The warning signs were there but he didn’t listen.

He's failed and now we're out of Europe and our Premiership status is hanging by a thread.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Bewildered Bolton Wanderers fan!

Part of being a football fan is the pride taken in your team. Buying the latest shirts, boring your friends’ senseless with details of your recent win. Feeling great that " Little Bolton " are standing equal with the best teams in the world.

Stelios defeated in last nights defeat in Lisbon

To see on the internet and watch on the TV people laughing at Bolton Wanderers is sickening. Nothing makes up for the weak surrender last night’s game against Sporting Lisbon in the last 16 of a European competition. Phil Gartside (Bolton Chairman) obviously dishes out the orders, Gary Megson (Bolton Manager) cringingly and spinelessly follows.

But, what about the players? Did none of them beat down Megson's door insisting they wanted to play? Kevin Davies at 30, will he ever have that chance again? Ivan Campo former Real Mardid & European Champions League winner – surely he wanted to play?

I’ve travelled this season to Macedonia, Munich and Madrid and what a campaign it has been – to play such a weakened team is a disgusting way to treat fans. For the three away games it has cost over £1,500 – to a footballer I agree this is merely a goal bonus? or a days wage? But for the majority of Bolton fans it has meant serious sacrifices, no family holidays, extra credit card – and Bolton re-pay them with such a poor team.

And so to the future. The options? Scrape safety this season, 4th bottom. Next season and the one after, much of the same. Survival appears to be all that counts, eliminated in first round of cup competitions. Crowds gradually going down and down, 13000 averages not far off.

There is no match day excitement anymore, basically as money is the God of all. The sad thing about it all is the club could exist without the fans buying tickets. The sad thing about that is that it looks like the club agree and are going all out to alienate as many as possible.

Maybe that is the master plan. To get rid of the fans in the crowd, thus saving on match day expenses.

Hearing opposition fans singing the 'empty seats' song like Man City did in the Carling Cup. Not a good time to be a fan admittedly, but the problem with being a fan of BWFC is it is so annoyingly addictive.

How are Bolton going to get the fans back, the fans back to their club? I’d love to pitch some ideas to Gartside and I might just. Bolton Wanderers for me has been passed on by generations and although now living in London, I proudly stand as a Bolton fan – the passion internally from the club seems to have gone…

As always I will keep the faith but this is a growing problem I see with football, the money men have it and it might be better back in the second division and playing all the “so-called” big boys in the FA cup and gaining pride again – just look at Barnsley and the level of general football fans they will now have.

I long and frustrated rant…

Keep the faith!

Monday, 10 March 2008

European Dream or 3 Premiership Points?

Thursday 13th March
Sporting Lisbon vs. Bolton Wanderers – UEFA Cup 2nd Leg

Sunday 16th March
Wigan Athletic vs. Bolton Wanderers –Premiership

European Dream or Premiership Points?

The problem is that if Bolton plays their strongest team in Lisbon, we give Wigan a big advantage in a crucial Premier League match. We have previous in terms of going to Wigan after a Euro adventure....we were over-run and lost 1-2 after the match in Bourgas. I wasn't that bothered at the time because our first UEFA Cup away was more important than a game at Wigan.

But what about winning mentality, How much pressure has Megson put on himself and the team, by throwing the UEFA Cup opportunity away by fielding a weakened team, for the sake of the Wigan game. Is he not surely raising expectations that the team will be fresh, energized, and all they need do for the points, is turn up. Big mistake, because the psychological effect on the players, and the fans, could be big if things don't go our way

Play your best team available for every game - Davies, Nolan, Diouf etc - to play in Lisbon and play to win - if someone is injury we will replace

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

A4UForum Chocolate Easter Egg Giveaway

Further to nearly doubling our commission rate to an eggsellent 12% default, I’d like to announce the start of our affiliate chocolate Easter egg give-away.

A4UForum Chocolate Easter Egg Giveaway

Starting today and up until Wednesday 19th a different task will be posted on the A4Uforum by the Hotel Chocolat affiliate team on a task you need to perform on your site, email, blogs etc and then simply email into and each day we will pick a winner who will receive an Easter egg from full range.

Wednesday's Task
A nice a simple one to begin with, simply place a Hotel Chocolat banner onto your site, email... this can either be on your homepage or on a specific easter gifts pages.

Link IDS
Like our 468*60 banner....
Chocolate Easter Eggs

How to Enter
To enter email with a link to the placement, your CJ affiliate ID and your address to send you an egg!

Entrants for today's task will receive 4 chocolate Egg sandwiches (if you have any preferences please state this in the email).
easter eggs easter eggs easter eggs easter eggs

Best of luck, I will aim to announce the winner early tomorrow morning and state the next task to win one of our luxury chocolate easter eggs!

P.S. For further details of our affiliate Easter campaign please follow the link.

Eggscellent Affiliate Easter Campaign from Hotel Chocolat

If you’re anything like us, then Easter will be one of your favourite times of the year. Spring is on the way, there’s a bank holiday in the offing and it’s time for us to unveil our new range of chocolate Easter eggs!

This year is our most exciting Easter ever with brand new Egg Sandwiches and Cocoa Pod Eggs to discover, as well as the renowned Extra Thick Eggs and enormous Extra Large Eggs too! From the handily sized to the jaw droppingly huge, there’s an Easter gift for absolutely everyone on your list, including you!

To celebrate Easter, we are increasing our default commission to 12%, our average order value at Easter increases to around £40 and site converts fantastically well. So if you are serious about making some commission this Easter back Hotel Chocolat to deliver the results for you.

Images from our Easter Range
Chocolate Easter Eggs
Our brand new Egg Sandwiches

Chocolate Easter Eggs
Our new decorated Engraved Cocoa Pod Eggs
Chocolate Easter Eggs
Our renowned Extra Thick Easter Eggs
Chocolate Easter Eggs
Our jaw-dropping Extra Large Eggs

Quick Stats (TODAY to 23rd March)
12% Default Commission
£38 AOV (Last Easter)
11% Conversion Rate

Sales Targets (TODAY to 23rd March)

Total Sales Value: £1000 - £50 Bonus
Total Sales Value: £2000 - £100 Bonus
Total Sales Value: £4000 - £200 Bonus
Total Sales Value: £8000 - £300 Bonus
Total Sales Value: £12000 - £500 Bonus
Total Sales Value: £24000 - £1000 Bonus

Creative Theme
Banners now live on CJ system and more to follow shortly!.

...more banners to follow...

Supportive Copy
Aimed to increase your conversion rate, with an affiliate banner why not add this copy below and see your conversions double!

This year is Hotel Chocolat's most exciting Easter ever with brand new Egg Sandwiches and Engraved Cocoa Pod Eggs to discover, as well as their renowned Extra Thick Eggs and enormous Extra Large Eggs too! From the handily sized to the jaw droppingly huge, there’s an Easter gift for absolutely everyone on your list, including you!

And they’re all available at their Easter gifts online store right now – so you can get cracking and beat the last minute scramble!

Also, an A4Uforum Chocolate Easter Eggs Give-away... coming soon!!!

Again, any questions or comments please feel free to ask and I look forward to working with you with our program.