Monday, 10 March 2008

European Dream or 3 Premiership Points?

Thursday 13th March
Sporting Lisbon vs. Bolton Wanderers – UEFA Cup 2nd Leg

Sunday 16th March
Wigan Athletic vs. Bolton Wanderers –Premiership

European Dream or Premiership Points?

The problem is that if Bolton plays their strongest team in Lisbon, we give Wigan a big advantage in a crucial Premier League match. We have previous in terms of going to Wigan after a Euro adventure....we were over-run and lost 1-2 after the match in Bourgas. I wasn't that bothered at the time because our first UEFA Cup away was more important than a game at Wigan.

But what about winning mentality, How much pressure has Megson put on himself and the team, by throwing the UEFA Cup opportunity away by fielding a weakened team, for the sake of the Wigan game. Is he not surely raising expectations that the team will be fresh, energized, and all they need do for the points, is turn up. Big mistake, because the psychological effect on the players, and the fans, could be big if things don't go our way

Play your best team available for every game - Davies, Nolan, Diouf etc - to play in Lisbon and play to win - if someone is injury we will replace

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