Thursday, 3 April 2008

It’s now officially Spring!!

I read in the paper yesterday it is now officially spring however, is wasn’t that that made it official, or the clocks changing… or even the daphodiles starting to flower.

What finally makes Spring official is the hanging up of my Hugo Boss Autumn/Winter jacket for the foreseeable future and the donning of my Spring/Summer Hugo Boss jacket!

Hugo Boss Jacket - Is that Jose Mourinho
As seen here on a cold day walking to work!

Comparisons have been made with Jose Mourinho, as I am sure you can see and it has therefore been aptly named the Jose Mourinho jacket.

Jose Mourinho

Or it can look more like his Jacket with a bit of silverware?? How beautiful is the FA Cup!! Glad I didn't drop it!

FA Cup Final oh and Chris Bishop

So for future season changes don’t rely on the weather reports or leaves falling etc simply ask me what current jacket I am wearing for the season and you will be able to know via my seasonable wardrobe!


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