Thursday, 3 April 2008

Link building strategies of the sweeter type

I’ve actually just replied to a post on e-consultancy titled Link building strategies from the experts however, I believe I have an example of unique link building from one of the Hotel Chocolat affiliates.

Diane Drinkwater replaces links on her numerous sites for Hotel Chocolat chocolates. So a nice deeplink into your struggling SEO site can be achieved via the purchase of a box of chocolates!

Box of Chocolates for Link Buying

Diane came up with this clever idea last year after being inundated with email requests daily for link requests/exchanges. This was taking her far too much time to manage So Rather than field these emails on an individual basis she thought that getting a box of chocolates instead of money would work rather well for her as a confessed chocoholic therefore Links for Chocolate was born.

People who email her about links on any of her sites now get an automated email directing them to look at Links for Chocolate and she receives Hotel Chocolat in exchange!

She mentioned to me
"It's certainly saved me some time discussing linkage with people as now they know what the fees are. I chose Hotel Chocolat as they're my favourite chocolates ever, and there's enough choice for me to deal with dozens of links and not get bored with the same chocolates"

Fantastic story I thought I simply had to share - good on you Diane


Links for Chocolate -

Ps. No chance of a link back is there???

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