Sunday, 15 June 2008

Bulgarian Black Sea Adventure

Last week I met up with an old work colleague (Richard Kent) from when I used to work at Hotel Chocolat, over a pint or two we caught up and definitely put the world to right. We both left Hotel Chocolat earlier this year, he has moved onto a luxury mail order diamond company, Hot Diamonds as Head of Marketing.

Anyway during our now beer fuelled chat Richard updated me on his Bulgarian Black Sea Adventure and the hideaway Bulgarian dream where last summer he purchased an apartment via a property development company and being an avid online publisher (cough – although it does show he was listening to me!) he’s set up a blog to tell his story, tell his friends the latest info on Sozopol, Bulgaria and naturally try to flog some rooms in his apartment.

Current Site:
Bulgarian Black Sea Holiday Adventure

The dream (or artist impression)
Bulgarian Black Sea Holiday Adventure

Here's a link to his latest Bulgaria Update - but I'll be keeping you all up-to-date especially when Richard invites me over to for a holiday in Bulgaria!

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