Monday, 30 June 2008

Giving up beer for charity!

…I’m giving up booze for a month!

For the whole of July alcohol will not pass my lips! What started as a joke with my flatmate has now become a full on challenge to which in my stubbornness and to prove a point I could not back down!

Chris Bishop giving up alcohol for a month - please sponsor me!

To keep me motivated during July, I would love for you to sponsor and I have chosen a local Children’s charity from home – Derian House to donate all the money to. Also, to add a consequence to this, if I do cave in to a pint I will then double the total amount raised for the charity.

For more details and to contribute please visit –

It's great to see support already from Nadeem and the guys at affiliate4u - please read mission impossible post for more...

I'll keep you all update on the blog with my status!

Thanks all


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