Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Alcohol abstinence update

Just a little update on my charity fundraiser, as some of you may be aware I am giving up alcohol for July in aid of Derian House childrens Hospice in Bolton.

Day 9 – and so far so good!

I’ve had a few ventures to pubs and realised it is actually quite hard to choose a soft drink and it’s also slightly embarrassing especially as in last week when a barman laughed at me for “just ordering an orange juice”.
Wagamama's - Giving Up Alcohol
So far I’ve had two work events where Cranberry and OJ have ruled, two trips to the pub – a nice refreshing Coca-Cola when everyone else was on Beck Vier (one of my favourite beers!) and I helped an old university friend celebrate his 25th with dinner at Wagamama’s (ordered still water!) and a pint of OJ and Lemonade in the pub afterwards!
OJ for Chris

I’ve already survived one weekend but naturally more to come this month and more potentially boozy work events – including tonight actually with a supplier roof top party!!!

What has amazed me is the level of donations by family, friends and work colleagues – I’ve already managed to raise £290 which is a fantastic amount of money for the children’s hospice. Plus I know a few mates and looking at tactical bets and waiting until I cave in to then put a greater amount down – as I originally promised I would double the total amount!

So far, so good!

Thank you again for those who have already donated and those that haven’t here is the link –

Thanks, Chris


Anonymous said...

Good luck buddy, I did the same thing earlier in the year and it is not easy at all!

We'll have to go for that Beer in August!

Michael Brandy

Annie said...

Heavy use of alcohol can lead to addiction(alcoholism).Long term effects of consuming large quantities of alcohol,especially when combined with nutrition,can lead to a permanent damage to vital organs such as the brain and lever.