Sunday, 20 July 2008

A good way to promote sale!

Readers of my blog and House of Fraser affiliates will be aware we are currently in our Summer SALE with up to 70% off online and we have seen fantastic sales uplift from our affiliates.

Placements of our SALE creative and supportive copy have aided the spike however, online publishers that go the extra mile will always see high conversion rates.

Take the new House of Fraser affiliate – Give or Take, and their blog announcement that House of Fraser is now live - they have initially utilised our introductionary blerb supportive copy provided via both our affiliate networks - not just leaving it there - to maximise the current House of Fraser SALE they have cleverly then hand picked several SALE products across womenswear and menswear via product shots.

Affiliate Site Review - Give or Take, new House of Fraser affiliate Give or Take annoucement to their user base and taking advantage of the House of Fraser sale

Call to action!
Using the product screenshots Give or Take have also referenced the featured products with the previous price (clever use of strike through) and the now SALE price.
Affiliate Site Review - Listing featured products - however, where are the deeplinks?

Affiliate 2.0
Give or Take is currently utlising techniques coined under web 2.0; allowing the user to comment on the blog post and therefore engage in conversation and also bookmark to popular social networking sites such as delicious, facebook, reddit.

Affiliate Site Review - Utlise Social Networking Tools and promote viral marketing

Overal a nice article post for an affiliate to introduce there customer base to House of Fraser however, I do think there are a few tweaks to aid to the user and drive those conversion rates ups.

1 - Sign up - The Give or Take site is a members site, the blog post should reference to sign up for the site.
2 - Deeplink - With the recommended products - send the traffic straight to the related product.
3 - Call to action - The use of a call to action graphic would increase the conversion rate (naturally keep to the look and feel of the site).
4 - Alt tags - Google Images has now overtaking MSN and Yahoo in the search market share in the UK. Give or Take has placed House of Fraser products without the use of an alt tags - maximise this oppourtunity and traffic source whilst also aiding partial sighted net users.

If you'd like to nominate your site for a review please contact me.


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