Sunday, 31 August 2008

Affiliate Advice - How to sell film merchandise tshirts

Okay, here is the latest affiliate site review - this time it is fashion blogger

Designer labels are one of a growing number of fashion blogs to post about new fashion trends and new labels for menswear and womenswear online. Due to the ease of blog publishing now with and Wordpress an increasing amount of affiliates are building both generic and niche blogs with affiliate links behind them.

As ever with SEO, content is king, and especially fresh new original content – and that has to be the main mission and objective for content or blog affiliates – hitting unique content and supplemented with solid internal and external link building campaign the publisher can find themselves with a very popular and highly valuable site.

FCUK Batman blog listing
After speaking to the publisher online on instant messenger we discussed the various long tail areas of the House of Fraser menswear department to drive incremental visits to both sites.

Designer Labels Batman dark knight tshirt blog post

The publisher identified the French Connection Batman t-shirts as an opportunity for his site and here is his fashion blog post -

Here you can see a strong URL fully optimised for the search engines and a basic introductory copy with then product image and brief description all deep linking to a “batman” internal search page on the House of Fraser.

The brief copy for the posting and the product helps set the scene and will also the search engines to pick up the content theme however, I feel the publisher could produce a more interactive and compelling post around this subject to drive more visitors to the page and earn themselves more commission.

Affiliate Advice Suggestions
Blockbuster mentality! – Think like the marketers in Hollywood and build out the Batman promotion!

- Introductory Copy – Always aim for at least a paragraph of initial text to assist the user. Utilise the hype and interest in the movie by providing further statistics on the film, film plot, actors etc to drive more qualified traffic to the site.
- Interactivity – Help whip up some excitement – include either some images of the movie (with alt tags – utilise Google image search – to drive more visitors!) or why not include an embedded YouTube video – maybe the trailer for the movie
- Product Price – Always include the product price when you have this – gives the visitor fuller information and reduces the bounce rate on the merchants’ site.
- Call to action/Site to buy – Include a clear call to action with each product, “Buy this t-shirt for £25 at House of Fraser”. A clearer call to action will ensure a higher click through rate and by providing the end site will build confidence with the visitor so they are aware of the next step to their purchase.
- Personal Recommendation – Question to the affiliate? Which is your favourite t-shirt and why? This is fantastic subjective and unique comments for your post, aiding the user to choose but also allowing people to debate in the blog post comments and also to viral to their friends to debate.
- Social bookmarks – Adding social bookmarks always the user to share with the various popular social networking sites such as Facebook (see below for a Facebook opportunity)
- Show scarcity of products – “Buy now” “Only 5 ranges remaining” “Act now to buy your Batman tee”, People want what they think they can't have and social psychology would indicate that loss is a more powerful emotion than gain
- Delivery information – Simple comment to statement the merchants delivery information, especially to state choose next day delivery information and you can have this tomorrow

User and authentic blogger persuasion is a fantastic tool for content affiliates – adding one or two of these suggestions should ensure the post is found by more visitors in the search engines or via links from their friends and then drive the click through rate and conversion rate.

Happy affiliate – Higher SERP’s, more traffic, higher CTR/CR – more commission!

Facebook Opportunity
Utilise the cult following of the Dark Knight film and seed links to the blog post on forums and social networking groups.

Below is a screenshot of one of the plethora of Dark Knight groups on Facebook, with 40k users and hourly engagement this is a fantastic traffic source and a great place for debate “this is my favourite t-shirt etc…”.
Facebook Dark Knight fan group - use to sell Batman tshirts

However, do be careful not to over commit or spam these social networking and forum posts.

Any comments or quesitons please list below.

Thanks, Chris

Ps. If you are looking for French Connection Batman t-shirts please visit the blog mentioned or here via the House of Fraser website.


Tom Leadbetter said...

Nice post Chris,

Particulary like the Niche focus, but "Blockbuster Mentality" should stil be utilised.

Lots of good advice :)

Charley said...

Really useful and informative stuff Chris... thanks!

Anonymous said...

thank you for this post! :)


Purple said...

Great post, could this be a start of series of site reviews ?

Affiliate bloggers can really make a difference when they find a interesting angle on products and don't just rehash the product information from the merchant.

You pull out some good points and you have given me some food for thought.

Getting onto a new big thing before it becomes big is a skill, and I am totally unboard re the use of social media. Getting a article to be become viral can be gold dust.

I hope this post is first of many similar ones

Chris Bishop said...

Hi all

Thanks for your initial comments. I hope to continue with the affiliate advice and tips. If you would like your site or page reviewing please let me know.

Here are the current ones -

Purple - Hopefully this will be a good refresh to you, we all tend to get a few points!

Thanks, Chris

Andrew said...

I do not like putting prices on a blog as they are subject to change, and when I am doing +70 posts a week it is impossible to go back and check them.

A question I have not decided on the answer yet to - is a blog a review site or the hard sell?

I tend to review products and let the reader decide if they want to buy it rather that having buy,buy buy everywhere.

Our main purpose is the get the reader to the merchant, and then it is up to the merchant to finalise the sale.

Great post - definately worth having someone review your site to see where it can be improved!!

Keith said...

Nice review Chris, I agree with much of what you have to say and will be testing one or two of your suggestions however:-

If the affiliate is trying to pre-sell a t-shirt like in this example it is wise to err on the side of caution giving too much info about the movie as you are likely to end up with a load of unqualified traffic simply wanting movie information, often these are children and sometime very young children, mention the movie, mention the actors but make it clear from the start this is about the T-shirt and where to buy it not the film unless of course you intend cross-selling and having links to dvd's and other merchandise too (but thats a whole new ballgame).

For example a friend of mine decided to put up a full profile about an Indie band, with the intention of selling t-shirts on the back of it, everything was in place, band info, tshirt info, where to buy etc, the traffic came in droves maxed out the bandwidth but it was not people buying t-shirts it was fans of the band wanting to get their band fix consequently sales were zero despite the traffic.