Monday, 22 September 2008

Sissy Moany Arsenal Football Club

Don’t get me wrong – I completely admire Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal for the way the play attractive football. They were completely the deserving winners in a great game at the Reebok.

Arsenal need to remember that however they pass the ball around they are playing in a competitive league, playing in a league where tackling is allowed, even a contact sport. They do not have a given right not to be tackled.

But what has completely got on my goat is that way Gael Clichy, Kolo Toure et al have come out and disgracefully slated Kevin Davies. The Wanderers number 9 is argueably the most honest player in the Premiership and constantly the most fouled year on the year in the league.

Honest Kevin Davies

Minutes before half-time Davies tackled Gael Clichy completely fairly – he played the full ball but his momentum meant he caught the French full back. Davies, a player who has played on with a broken hand and even a broken foot during last seasons Premiership and FA Cup. Gael went down as if he had been shot!

Sissy Clichy goes down as if he has been shot!

His then over protective boyfriends (Fabregas, Toure) then confronted him and waived imagery red cards at the referee to take action – obviously not one of the players saw Davies win the ball clearly! They’d rather play their French violins to the tune of how hard done by they are when they play away! The referee under this pressure issued Davies a yellow card, for fairly tackling an opposition player! Madness!

Postmatch – Bendtner came out with a slanderous comment about the tackle being a “lunge” and Kevin aiming to hurt the player and then in the same sentence he admitted he didn’t even see it! Christ sake then soft lad, keep your mouth shout.

Limping centre-half Kolo Toure has slammed Davies …

''The tackle was a disgrace - very bad,' 'There is no place for that in football”

''I have nothing against Kevin Davies, he seems a good guy. But he uses his elbows far too much”.

He got the ball – fair and square – even the muppet Mark Lawrenson agreed it was infact a fair challenge and commented that Arsenal and Clichy are a team of sissies!

So after all this debate, anger and slander from the Arse you’d expect the lad to of broke his leg, or be in fact injured they’d have a leg to stand on (haha) but no, the poor French youngster has a bruise! A bruise FFS! You soft fairy!

This is England, this in the English Premiership, this is a contact sport! The spoon fed Gael wants to try and play Sunday League football, taking a few bruises is considered a result when playing the Red Lion from Aspull, Wigan!

Arsenal – hats off to you for your exciting football, but don’t forget this is a game, a competition and one which the opposition can attempt to take the ball off you!


timmy_the_tooth said...

Studs up challenges are illegal.

Following through with your trailing leg is illegal.

Davies is a thug and a cheat and the most fouling player in the EPL every single year.

His tackle on Clichy was a lunge and a cheap shot and completely illegal.

End of story.

Anonymous said...

What about the comments Davis admitted to saying to JL Samuel in today's papers?

Bolton are bully boys, that's how they survive and stay in the PL - so it's been a pretty good tactic up till now!