Sunday, 19 October 2008

A4Uexpo Presentation - Securing Buy-in for your Affiliate Marketing budget

I've just blogged about last week's A4Uexpo 2008 held in London well here is the uploaded presentation I ran with Daniel Powel (Head of Account Management, CJ) and Chris King (Head of Affiliates, BT).

Introduced and chaired by Dan, Chris kicked off the hour with his tips and techniques to please your sales and marketing director with his experiences whilst running the BT affiliate marketing programme including an aggressive stance to PPC and ensuring they own the "broadband" keyword terms - whether themselves or their affiliates. He went on to speak about how he has modelled affiliates internally at BT using his "Heinekein Affect".

Chris then passed the baton over to myself were I spoke about techniques to guarantee buy in from your finance director, especially in todays recession climate - tips on how to articulate the reduced risk of this channel but ensuring you have set the correct strategies to scale your programme post launch, set a budget but allow this to grow!

I also discuss how you can utilise certain affiliate models such as the voucher and deal sites to sell or merchandise certain offers on your site you do not necessarily want on your homepage, or managinng communication with voucher or discount sites to drive volume to either hot products or those unsold in your warehouse.

The end of my session was advice and techniques to achieve buy in for the Creative Directors. I explained the story of how or more commonly now known as built its business and brand via affiliate marketing and understanding the ways to build a similar brand with this channel and the reach affiliate marketing can generate to your site and company - with a great screenshot from Google Trends with visitor numbers from a popular voucher code site and a deptartment store not currently undertaking in affiliate marketing - the graph speaks for itself.

I hope you enjoy the virtual presentation, especially for those who could not attend A4Uexpo. Any questions or comments please feel free to add below and I'll reply.

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Thanks, Chris


chayes said...

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend A4Uexpo this year, but really appreciate the overview and presentation Chris - very insightful.

There are some great pointers which I will relay both internally and to my client list and the practical examples are really useful anecdotal take-aways.

Thanks so much

Dorian said...

Another Great Artical there Chris,

I really liked the use of Google Web Trends, its nice to see facts in affliate marketing!

Kind Regards,

Lina said...

Sorry I didn't make the session Chris but thanks for posting it here.

Very useful information for getting buy-in; many of which I have battled against in the past myself!

Chris Bishop said...

Hi all

Thanks for your comments - especially those that couldn't make the session, glad I put the presentation up now.

Agree with your comments on examples and useful anecdotal take-aways, with so many events and expos I always feel it is important for speakers to simplify and example 5 things the audience can and should do when they get back to their desk in the morning.

Thanks, Chris