Sunday, 19 October 2008

Word to PDF converter

Evening all

Now I admit this isn't groundbreaking but today I wasted about 30minutes or so trying to a free find, install and run an application to allow me to convert a Microsoft Word doc file into an Adobe PDF.

Various different versions appeared when Goolging for "word to PDF converter" and the majority are FREE trial therefore once downloaded and you print your word file it results with a "TRIAL VERSION" plastered all over your PDF or "CALL TOLL FREE for FULL VERSION".

After a bit of trial and error until I found - where I have now sucessfully downloaded the application and it runs and works fantastically well and I am now able to create PDF's from Microsoft Word by file ->- print and then selecting cutepdf writer.

Word to PDF converter

Thank you, no thanks to the following,,,, Universal Document Converter, Virtual PDF printer


jon rognerud said...


Saw your post - couldn't agree more. CutePDF rocks! Don't even try the others, specially not primopdf on VISTA!

Cheers, Jon

Graeme Davidson said...

I feel your pain...

I once spent hours trying to do this too, until I found CutePDF. Why are these things made so difficult at times?

It's like trying to find a goal at the Reebok...;-)

Chris Bishop said...

Jon - thanks for your comment! Glad you agree, cutePDF does indeed ROCK!!

Greame - Glad you feel my pain - but the Bolton Wanderers comment! Come on below the belt! Especially for a Monday morning!

desonkeii said...

I tried open office version of microsoft word and they have a icon on their tool bar what converts to PDF. Hope this is helpful.

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