Monday, 30 March 2009

Leaving House of Fraser

On April 17th I will be leaving my role as Online Acquisition Manager at House of Fraser to then seek a new role and challenge, I’ve left voluntarily and the company are close to finding a replacement.

I’m letting you know earlier to pass on all contacts to the team at House of Fraser but also to close off any unfinished business, issues etc before I leave - my work and personal details are below.

I fully believe in the product and aim for House of Fraser’s online store and have enjoyed my time setting up their online marketing from PPC, affiliates and then finally the SEO side. I’d like to thank those who have helped each channel become I success; from affiliates, agencies and service vendors and I know that they will continue to do so.

I’ve especially enjoyed the affiliate side of my role and continuing to work with the affiliates I knew during my time at Hotel Chocolat but also widening those whom I have come in contact to during my year at House of Fraser.

I’ll no doubt being updating my blog/twitter with further news in the coming weeks and also maybe a few drinks before I leave.

Thanks again and my details below.


Chris Bishop
Online Acquisition Manager
House of Fraser
Work Email: chrisbishop[at]
Work Phone: 0207 003 4102

Personal Email & MSN: cpbishop[at]
Linkedin: LinkedIn: Chris Bishop


Anonymous said...

You worked wonders at HoF, so hats off to you for your stellar performance over the last year.

The word on the street is that your next email address is going to be and you've been offered a doubling of pay?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you go Chris. Best wishes in whatever your new role may be.

John Jupp

James Avery said...

Good luck in your new venture Chris - brave man in these times, but I'm sure you'll give it your all.