Monday, 27 April 2009

New Affiliate & Search agency; 7thingsmedia

As I posted earlier in April I've now left my position at House of Fraser and last week set up an affiliate and search marketing agency, 7thingsmedia.

Setting up a digital agency has always been on my agenda since I began in online media many moons ago - back in the early 2000’s I was an online publisher with a sports network but looking to move across into assisting advertisers and brands with their e-business adoption. From there I proudly became one of four people to graduate in the UK’s first BA (Hons) e-business degree.

Since then I have taken online acquisition roles at Johnson & Johnson, TradeDoubler, Hotel Chocolat and most recently House of Fraser to which I aim to use this wealth of digital experience to drive 7thingsmedia, to assist clients in the various aspects of eCommerce trading and build a very passionate online agency.

The core focus will be on outsourced affiliate management and assisting clients in their paid search campaigns whether on a traditional CPC model or a CPA method were 7thingsmedia pays the Google bill and we work on a commission basis.

Anyway, enough of the services information - please click for more information on 7thingsmedia.

Thanks, Chris

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