Friday, 29 May 2009

Newborn entrepreneur separation anxiety

Those who follow my blog or know me will be aware in April I left the safety of being employed by a large company to going it alone and setting up my own online marketing agency, 7thingsmedia.

Well as I come to the fifth week of trading I am glad to say I am still here trading and armed with over double the passion and drive for the business as I had on day one. From a young age I’ve always felt a strong passion for business and demonstrated entrepreneurial flair – my earliest memories are either selling toast at primary school, trading with my toys, or my mafia esq car cleaning patch – it’s something that has always been with me.

Even in its early embryo stage (and blatantly honeymoon period) I feel such enlightenment from actually directly owning the business and being involved in all business matters – well, apart from now understand the cost of printer cartridges! Cliché as it sounds but I am learning every single day and delighted I’ve taken on the challenge to assist/make a difference to my clients online trading and grow myself as a young businessman & person.

I’m delighted to say the company has already managed to sign clients for both affiliate management and search and these are ranging from multi-channel premium fashion retailer; USC, new entrant into the UK market from France; Croquet & Golf, gardening specialist; Garden Bargains, personalised & celebrity jewellery from and last but certainly not least US luxury chocolate retailer Vosges Haut-Chocolat. Each to whom I thank for their trust and business to which I will aim to exceed their expectations with service levels from the agency.

The biggest challenge I set myself was to move from a one man band operation to a recognised and respected independent agency and I am now setting the foundations to both employ individuals into the business and currently in the final sets of securing office space in Central London – I’m happy with the pace I’ve managed to come to this step and feel pace is a very importance word to uphold to.

Work-life balance is definitely a key factor and I’ve enjoyed the occasionally early night and weekend BBQ to relax however I do feel like a new mum that is unable to let her new born baby go and I must learn to relieve my laptop/iPhone separation anxiety.

seperation anxiety

Anyway enough of my late night ramblings (sorry for the sleepy typos!), I’ll aim to keep this blog up to date with the challenges and fun of running my own business and aim to keep as light hearted as possible – thanks to all whom have supported me so far with kind words and best wishes – apologies already if I now constantly bore you with my newborn company tales!

Clocking off at 00:49, but still lovin’ it!