Monday, 6 December 2010

Geek of the Year announced in London

Lifestyle website has presented the first annual UK Geek of the Year title at an underground awards bash in London.

Five nominees - picked from hundreds of entries via the site and the Geek of the Year official Facebook page - joined over 170 invited industry, media and special guests for a night of comedy, music and entertainment in London's trendy Hoxton on Tuesday.

Judging the event was Iain Morris writer of the InBetweeners; writer and broadcaster Kat Akingbade; Ian Caveney of T-Mobile, and Chris Bishop of digital marketing agency 7thingsmedia.

The winner was named as 21 year-old James Pottinger of Essex who is currently designing full size space marine armour based on a sci-fi film, and who listed Frank Sinatra and cider as his inspiration.

The Geek of the Year will be whisked away on a £5,000 luxury holiday to a swanky villa atop the Aphrodite hills in Cyprus.

Each runner up received a gift bag including stand up comedy DVDs of Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey, Dara o’Briain, Sean Lock and Kevin Bridges thanks to Universal, a Dexter Season 4 box set thanks to Paramount and a Mi-Fi mobile broadband unit courtesy of Three.

Guests were treated to an evening of complimentary Asahi Beer and Dominos Pizza at the bash at Zigfrid von Underbelly which was supported by mobile giants T-Mobile and music management; PR and events company A Badge of Friendship. Providing the comedy were top funnymen Carl Donnelly who is just back from a tour of the Middle East - and award winning magician and comedian Adam Bloom.

Compere for the night was actress and comedian Tiffany Stevenson and music was provided by prog-indie favourites Ex Libras.

Ally Millar, editor of, said: "It was a fantastic night and everyone really made the effort to dress up. The guests were blown away by the standard of comedy and the band was superb. The winner deserves his title as he represents the new definition of geek - he's someone using his smarts to get ahead and isn't your stereotypical big-glasses-wearing, socially awkward computer programmer.

"This was our first ever annual Geek of the Year event and it was such a success we're looking forward to next year. The calibre of comedian and special guests who lent their name to the event and attended was really encouraging. It shows the pull and attraction of the concept and their faith was rewarded with a tremendous awards ceremony and night."

Notes to Editors
Started in July 2009, has evolved from a gadgets and tech lifestyle website to covering music, film, and comedy. Headed up by a team of award-winning journalists, the site is backed by London-based digital marketing agency 7thingsmedia.

For further press information please contact

Ally Millar
Publishing Manager
0203 384 5656

Monday, 22 November 2010

MARS selects 7thingsmedia for MyM&M's

London-based agency 7thingsmedia will roll out MyM&M's UK digital plans

London, UK – November, 2010 – Performance-based marketing agency 7thingsmedia has been awarded all digital media responsibilities for MyM&M's starting with their first UK affiliate marketing programme.

After months of heavy pitch competition, the London-based agency were selected by the MyM&M's team and their European Agency, Extreme Sensio.

Sandrine Paganelli, Client Services Director at Extreme Sensio said: “We are pleased to be working with 7thingsmedia on our local digital media planning as we head into what will surely be a very busy year for MyM&M's in the UK. 7thingsmedia were chosen for their demonstrable expertise of the UK performance landscape and proven success in scaling sales; plus an infectious entrepreneurial spirit and drive”.

Initial activity will primarily focus on supporting the brand through performance-based channels such as affiliates and search, value-add opportunities, as well as innovative product launches in 2011

Chris Bishop, Founder & Managing Director of 7thingsmedia said, "MyM&M's decision to grant 7thingsmedia its digital media business reflects our agency's success in performance marketing within the UK; we are thrilled to be the agency of choice for MARS. "Through a focused performance-based strategy, we look forward to introducing MyM&M's delivered personalised gifts product in the UK.”

Activity will start when the ( ) website launches on 1st December 2010.


Notes to editors:
7thingsmedia are a young, dynamic and entrepreneurial performance-based digital marketing agency with a proven track record of delivering hugely impressive returns for clients.

Client list includes : Agent Provocateur, Secret Sales, Ted Baker, UNICEF, USC & Vosges Haut-Chocolat.

7thingsmedia –

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Econsultancy's Innovation Awards 2010

With days left until the entry deadline on November 12, I'm doing my bit to promote Econsultancy's third annual Innovation Awards.

The awards are aimed at showcasing brands, agencies and tech companies who are doing pioneering work in the digital marketing and Ecommerce space including affiliate marketing!

Innovation in a young industry like affiliate marketing is constant and I'm often amazed at the dynamism that companies – from big to small – are concocting in their labs, warehouses and chic office blocks.

Last year's Econsultancy Innovation Award Winner employed the simple tactic of bringing their affiliate marketing and performance management in-house; and re-evaluating the hastily assembled notions of best-practice within Affiliate Marketing.

That winner was eBay Partner Network which, in 2008 and 2009, developed an intuitive relationship in their commission structure where high and low quality leads rewarded the best affiliates accordingly.

Quality Click Pricing came fore in September 2009 and has – from the inside-out – reshaped traditional affiliate pay structures to factor in in revenue streams beyond that of simply items purchased.

ePN has created a resource infrastructure where affiliates can access a useful library of literature, videos, and performance data on how to improve traffic quality and engage better with customers.

The idea has cottoned on with networks and merchants and is an example of a piece of bullish leadership in a young industry which has reset the terms under which many bloggers, affiliates and publishers play the game.

In ePN's case: winning such an important accolade in the affiliate marketing sector is recognition of what a global powerhouse can do to ensure parity and fairness in a comparatively fledgling industry

But a less-established company that brings a dynamic product or service to the fore can ensure those in the game take notice of the real innovators on the ground.

So who's up for the “Innovation in Affiliate Marketing 2010” award??

Examples of breakthroughs and progress in the industry over the last year that caught my eye as head of a performance-based agency, are naturally pieces of kit that have made my life a lot simpler.

DC Storm for Affiliates allows the affiliate to accurately equate commission generated with money spent on PPC clicks. Data is collected and aggregated automatically and the user journey is tracked, offering the affiliate deep data on their campaign.

The results of FusePump's feed technology are highly impressive and send out a powerful message to retailers operating in the affiliate channel who do not yet appreciate the power a well optimised product feed can have.

The last piece of helpful technology – and a real boon to the manufacturer – that has caught my eye has been's Broadband Street Stats map which shows users their locality and which broadband provider is doing the business. It shows the broadband hotspots and demonstrates which providers are strongest and most prominent in a certain area.
Or maybe Prismastar's HTML/Flash widgets for the likes of Argos, the constant developments from multi award winning Skimlinks – with Skimbit & Skimwords
Having the Econsultancy Award for Innovation is a colossal accolade and a tremendous notch on the bedpost for companies, big or small.


It costs £150 / $245 for each entry, with a discount for Econsultancy members.
The entries will also be assessed by an international panel from companies such as BBC, Mercedes-Benz, Dell, Telefonica (O2), Dupont, BT, Net-a-Porter, Mindshare, bigmouthmedia, SMAC, and Newsforce, as well as digital gurus such as Paul Boag, Sam Decker and Ian Jindal.

Thanks and good luck!

Econsultancy Affiliate Marketing Lecturer

Friday, 15 October 2010

Witty, Clever, Stylish – Obviously We're Searching for a Geek

Geek and nerd used to be interchangeable negative terms, but not any more. Website is scouring the UK to find their Geek of the Year 2010 – the person who embodies the definition of what it means to be a geek in the modern age.

The lifestyle website for lovers of movies, music, gadgets, and gaming has begun their quest to find what a geek in the 21st century is, and to crown the person who best embodies it.

The competition is taking place across Facebook and other social media channels such as YouTube, Twitter and Flickr to the widest possible audience.

Five finalists will be chosen from hundreds of entries and invited on an all-expenses-paid trip to the London event on Thursday 25 November, 2010.

The grand winner will be named the's Geek of the Year 2010; receiving a prize pack of gadgets, goodies, an editorial spot on the website and a luxury holiday worth £5,000 with £1000 spending money.

The evening – which in partnership with mobile giant T-Mobile – will feature a panel of guests judges from top media agencies and household brands each speaking on the new definition of what it means to be a geek.

The awards ceremony will feature an 80s geek chic theme with performances from indie young bucks Ex Libras and Mojo, Q and Kerrang award favourites A Badge of Friendship.

Ally Millar, editor of said: “The definition of geek has changed and we want to celebrate its new status. Traditionally, it described someone in thick black glasses with an unhealthy interest in technology and sci-fi but this stereotype has evolved into something sexy and more mainstream.

“Films and TV shows are now made with the 'geek' figure as the protagonist rather than a humorous sideshow and geek chic is now a widely adopted fashion statement for both men and women. Given the popularity of our site and our growth over the last year, I'm convinced the term no longer has negative connotations but is a positive concept – and one to be embraced.”


Notes to Editors

Started in July 2009, has evolved from a gadgets and tech lifestyle website to covering music, film, and comedy.
Headed up by a team of award-winning journalists, the site is backed by London-based digital marketing agency 7thingsmedia.

For further press information please contact

Ally Millar
Publishing Manager - 7thingsmedia

0203 384 5656

For a sponsorship pack or to request tickets to the event please contact

Chris Bishop
Founder - 7thingsmedia

0203 384 5650

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Geek of the Year Launched proudly presents Geek of the Year 2010.

Geeks are no longer the annoying arsehole sidekick in big glasses...

Now it's clear that times have changed: comics and sci-fi are cool again - Wolverine, X-Men, Doctor Who are now mainstream - and a 'geek' is simply someone who, as Martha Jones puts it in episode four, series three of Doctor Who, is 'obsessively enthusiastic about something!' A geek is cool; knows what they're interested in and where their strengths lie; and, let's face it, can be pretty hot. From Seth Cohen to Michael Cera, Suzi Perry to Alexa Chung, there's a whole world of geeks beyond Eugene from Grease or Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Geek of the Year gives them a well-deserved mainstream evening in the spotlight!

We’re celebrating the world of modern geekery - for more details or to enter please visit the Geek of the Year page.

Thanks, Chris

Monday, 2 August 2010

Ambitious Affiliate Marketeer wanted

7thingsmedia is looking for an experienced Account Manager to join our dedicated affiliate management team, working across a portfolio of brands such as USC, Agent Provocateur and Secret Sales.

So, if you are an experienced and ambitious affiliate marketeer with passion -

So do you think you can measure up?

A little about 7thingsmedia
- Performance media agency set up in April 2009
- Start up mentality; passionately on a mission
- 7 current full time UK staff
- Offices set in the uber-trendy Farringdon
- 7thingsmedia provides a competitive compensation package
- Free gym membership - The health and wellbeing of our employees is really important to us
- Extensive training & development

Monday, 26 July 2010 buy out PR coverage

Last week 7thingsmedia completed the acquisition of the fast growing entertainment lifestyle website., launched in 2009 (originally backed by Online Dragon, Shaf Rasul), offering news, reviews and previews of the latest gadgets and games with a lifestyle section containing a selection of rants, opinions and general wonder at the world of true Geekery.

Here is a piece of PR on the purchase from the Business Section of the Scotman  

Shaf Rasul sells off gadget site in six-figure deal

Published Date: 25 July 2010
By Kristy Dorsey

EDINBURGH entrepreneur Shaf Rasul has sold his gadget website,, to a management buy-out team in what is expected to be a six-figure deal.

The online magazine has been bought by its editor, Ally Millar, and Chris Bishop, a director at Geeks. Millar, a former editor of Strathclyde University's Strathclyde Telegraph, has been in charge of Geeks since its launch one year ago.

Millar and Rasul set up the business in July 2009 to provide a "fun and enjoyable" source of information on movies, gadgets, phones, MP3 players, computers and games consoles.

The site, which hit financial break-even in June, currently has 80,000 unique visitors per month.

Rasul financed Geeks in its first year through cash and the provision of other resources such as office space. Millar is now set to move Geeks' editorial centre to London, where Bishop is already based.

Bishop is founder and managing director of 7thingsmedia, the London-based digital media agency. He was brought in during the months after Geeks' launch to lead the site's commercial development.

The buyers have paid Rasul a small upfront fee, with the remainder of the consideration to be paid in the coming 3 to 4 years, dependent upon future performance. Rasul, who had little operational input into Geeks, said Millar and Bishop had ambitious plans for the online magazine going forward.

"They are hoping that profits in year three will be somewhere in the region of a quarter of a million," he said.

Rasul features in the online version of Dragon's Den, and has an estimated wealth of £80m.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

a4uawards nominations now open

DRUM ROLL...........................

The nominations for the integral a4uawards are now open....

....when we all sit back and realise the industry that has built around us nothing really makes me consider the importance and contribution of the affiliate forum both for its guidance/assistance but also building the community – starting the relationships, nurturing the future – absolute kudos to Matt Wood and the team there for both the idea plus the huge efforts to continue its existence as the affiliate industry matures.

Anyways, I know maybe blogs posts will be flying up begging for votes or aiming to persuade – not my style. The awards and community awards are a fantastic opportunity to have your say in our industry – if it happened to be for 7thingsmedia or one of the team here; good times!

I've personally had the great gratitude of being shortlisted twice for "Affiliate Manager of the Year" and it is incredibly humbling to realise your efforts are being recognised by your peers.

Please vote – and vote wisely and see you at the awards!

Posh Spiel About a4uawards:
The a4uawards have grown to become the most glamorous night in the affiliate marketing calendar and provides unrivalled exposure and networking opportunities with the crème of the affiliate marketing industry.
The 4th Annual a4uAwards will be held at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, Mayfair on the 9th June 2010.

The nomination stage of the a4uAwards is now open.

This is your chance to personally put forward those who you think deserve to win an award this year. Once nominations have closed, we will be opening the voting phase shortly after, allowing you to once again select a winner from the shortlist.

Nominate Now @ Relaunches for 2010

Online gadget magazine has relaunched for 2010 hoping to continue last year’s success.
Stewarded by Editor-in-Chief and award winning writer and journalist Ally Millar, the site was recently named as one of the Top 30 Gadget Sites Taking the Internet by Storm.
The website is branching out to cover popular media such as music, film, DVD and comedy whilst staying true to gadgets and gaming.

The site has evolved into a community and lifestyle portal for people on the move who want their interests in one place.

The design is a bespoke concept drawn up by Stone Creative Design’s Eamonn Foy.
He said: “We created a contemporary and funky logo, something that will appeal to the target audience. The logo and site are bright, fresh and individual. We worked closely with geeks and produced a brand bible that acted as our brief and as away to access the work. Geeks now have a look and feel that is right for the audience.”

With marketing agency 7thingsmedia behind the redesign, Founder and Managing Director Chris Bishop believes the website is now ready for the 21st century.

“We needed to brand the site, show our personality and realise the site’s potential. I chose Stone Creative Design because of their branding expertise and skill in really pinning down the appeal and message of a business like geeks.”

“We needed a creative website with a distinctive look and voice to compete in a competitive market, and to realise our commercial value. The new-look geeks website is immediately appealing to our demographic: it’s urban, edgy, progressive and fun – it’s not stiff yet still has its swagger.”

Monday, 1 February 2010

Affiliate Management Casestudy - Q4 Sales Increase

Young branded fashion multi-channel retailer, USC, has reported a huge turn around for its underperforming affiliate channel in 2009. The fashion vendor has seen an incredible 851% Q4 year on year increase in sales generated through its affiliate channel.

The company achieved this outstanding improvement by handing the management of its affiliate activity to 7thingsmedia in June 2009. The Farringdon based affiliate marketing agency implemented a full communications programme for the brand support by comprehensive account management. From an affiliate blog and weekly offers via RSS, to full trade PR and one to one meets with top affiliates; 7thingsmedia was able to connect the brand with a lucrative target audience.

Working closely with the brand, 7thingsmedia was able to maximize every opportunity for USC. Unlike traditional ‘one-to-many’ approaches, 7thingsmedia applied a holistic strategy. Taping in to the brands trading calendar, every USC activity was partnered by individual and often bespoke affiliate marketing plan. It was by drilling down into each different affiliate type that led to the dramatic turnaround in performance.

Chris Bishop, Founder & Managing Director of 7thingsmedia, explained, “many advertisers make the mistake of assuming that just having an affiliate programme will result in improvement in sales; this is not the case. We are exceptionally proud of our work with USC as it highlights that affiliate marketing must be intelligent marketing. We have been able to generate an 800% plus increase in sales by investing considerable resource into granular affiliate planning, recruitment and optimisation relevant to the brands activity. It is by matching the brand with the most pertinent affiliates that we have been able to deliver this success with a 10:1 return on investment, in the vital Q4 trading period”.

Lyndsay McGonigle, Head of eCommerce at USC said, ‘the management of the affiliate activities and sales achieved by 7thingsmedia has been astonishing. The improvement of this channel has highlighted the real potential this department has for our business. We are now fully aware of just how important our affiliates are and are excitedly looking forward to seeing how far this, already, highly profitable sales channel can grow even further in 2010.


Notes to editors

Armed with passion, creativity and knowledge London based digital marketing agency, 7thingsmedia delivers tactical online marketing campaigns, with a core focus on outsourced affiliate marketing management and full service paid search.

Client List: Acne Jeans UK, C.P. Company, Crombie, Guthy Renker (UK), High and Mighty,, Leekes,, Space NK Apothecary, Stone Island,, UNICEF Shop, USC , Vosges Haut-Chocolat.

7thingsmedia –

For interviews with Chris Bishop or further information and comment please contact Leo Kellgren on 07545982319 or