Thursday, 11 February 2010 Relaunches for 2010

Online gadget magazine has relaunched for 2010 hoping to continue last year’s success.
Stewarded by Editor-in-Chief and award winning writer and journalist Ally Millar, the site was recently named as one of the Top 30 Gadget Sites Taking the Internet by Storm.
The website is branching out to cover popular media such as music, film, DVD and comedy whilst staying true to gadgets and gaming.

The site has evolved into a community and lifestyle portal for people on the move who want their interests in one place.

The design is a bespoke concept drawn up by Stone Creative Design’s Eamonn Foy.
He said: “We created a contemporary and funky logo, something that will appeal to the target audience. The logo and site are bright, fresh and individual. We worked closely with geeks and produced a brand bible that acted as our brief and as away to access the work. Geeks now have a look and feel that is right for the audience.”

With marketing agency 7thingsmedia behind the redesign, Founder and Managing Director Chris Bishop believes the website is now ready for the 21st century.

“We needed to brand the site, show our personality and realise the site’s potential. I chose Stone Creative Design because of their branding expertise and skill in really pinning down the appeal and message of a business like geeks.”

“We needed a creative website with a distinctive look and voice to compete in a competitive market, and to realise our commercial value. The new-look geeks website is immediately appealing to our demographic: it’s urban, edgy, progressive and fun – it’s not stiff yet still has its swagger.”

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