Friday, 15 October 2010

Witty, Clever, Stylish – Obviously We're Searching for a Geek

Geek and nerd used to be interchangeable negative terms, but not any more. Website is scouring the UK to find their Geek of the Year 2010 – the person who embodies the definition of what it means to be a geek in the modern age.

The lifestyle website for lovers of movies, music, gadgets, and gaming has begun their quest to find what a geek in the 21st century is, and to crown the person who best embodies it.

The competition is taking place across Facebook and other social media channels such as YouTube, Twitter and Flickr to the widest possible audience.

Five finalists will be chosen from hundreds of entries and invited on an all-expenses-paid trip to the London event on Thursday 25 November, 2010.

The grand winner will be named the's Geek of the Year 2010; receiving a prize pack of gadgets, goodies, an editorial spot on the website and a luxury holiday worth £5,000 with £1000 spending money.

The evening – which in partnership with mobile giant T-Mobile – will feature a panel of guests judges from top media agencies and household brands each speaking on the new definition of what it means to be a geek.

The awards ceremony will feature an 80s geek chic theme with performances from indie young bucks Ex Libras and Mojo, Q and Kerrang award favourites A Badge of Friendship.

Ally Millar, editor of said: “The definition of geek has changed and we want to celebrate its new status. Traditionally, it described someone in thick black glasses with an unhealthy interest in technology and sci-fi but this stereotype has evolved into something sexy and more mainstream.

“Films and TV shows are now made with the 'geek' figure as the protagonist rather than a humorous sideshow and geek chic is now a widely adopted fashion statement for both men and women. Given the popularity of our site and our growth over the last year, I'm convinced the term no longer has negative connotations but is a positive concept – and one to be embraced.”


Notes to Editors

Started in July 2009, has evolved from a gadgets and tech lifestyle website to covering music, film, and comedy.
Headed up by a team of award-winning journalists, the site is backed by London-based digital marketing agency 7thingsmedia.

For further press information please contact

Ally Millar
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For a sponsorship pack or to request tickets to the event please contact

Chris Bishop
Founder - 7thingsmedia

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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Geek of the Year Launched proudly presents Geek of the Year 2010.

Geeks are no longer the annoying arsehole sidekick in big glasses...

Now it's clear that times have changed: comics and sci-fi are cool again - Wolverine, X-Men, Doctor Who are now mainstream - and a 'geek' is simply someone who, as Martha Jones puts it in episode four, series three of Doctor Who, is 'obsessively enthusiastic about something!' A geek is cool; knows what they're interested in and where their strengths lie; and, let's face it, can be pretty hot. From Seth Cohen to Michael Cera, Suzi Perry to Alexa Chung, there's a whole world of geeks beyond Eugene from Grease or Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Geek of the Year gives them a well-deserved mainstream evening in the spotlight!

We’re celebrating the world of modern geekery - for more details or to enter please visit the Geek of the Year page.

Thanks, Chris