Thursday, 14 October 2010

Geek of the Year Launched proudly presents Geek of the Year 2010.

Geeks are no longer the annoying arsehole sidekick in big glasses...

Now it's clear that times have changed: comics and sci-fi are cool again - Wolverine, X-Men, Doctor Who are now mainstream - and a 'geek' is simply someone who, as Martha Jones puts it in episode four, series three of Doctor Who, is 'obsessively enthusiastic about something!' A geek is cool; knows what they're interested in and where their strengths lie; and, let's face it, can be pretty hot. From Seth Cohen to Michael Cera, Suzi Perry to Alexa Chung, there's a whole world of geeks beyond Eugene from Grease or Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Geek of the Year gives them a well-deserved mainstream evening in the spotlight!

We’re celebrating the world of modern geekery - for more details or to enter please visit the Geek of the Year page.

Thanks, Chris

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